FAB Natural Beauty

You always hear people wittering on about natural beauty and how we don't need to be covered in makeup etc, etc. Well this is my idea of natural beauty - here I will post some pictures of beautiful places or other things in nature that are pleasing to look at. I will try to add new photo's regularly! (click to enlarge)

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.

                                                      Native American Proverb

Couldn't resist putting the little tame pheasant that roams around Wakehurst Place in this page! He's a natural beauty!

Weir Wood Reservoir, nr. Saint Hill, West Sussex

Bluebells, nr. Weir Wood Reservoir

Hawthorn flowers, nr. Weir Wood Reservoir

Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Clair Hall Park, Haywards Heath.

Balcombe Viaduct, West Sussex (somewhere in the photo!!)

Scots Pine tree, West Sussex -  one of my favourite photos to look at!

 Ardingly Reservoir, West Sussex.

Oak Tree, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, this
tree has a circumference of nearly 3m, maybe. Some idiot nailed a wooden pallet to it. 

Edit: my husband informs me it was about 5m round, it was huge anyway. (Listen to him, he's a quantity surveyor!)


Oak Tree, Nr Balcombe,West Sussex.

Countryside with Balcombe viaduct, West Sussex.


  1. Thankyou Nail Buff! I'm lucky to live in an amzing area for beautiful countryside and always take my camera out to get some nice snaps!

  2. Beautiful indeed! Lovely pictures!

  3. I'd love to have a walk nearby Scots Pine tree, West Sussex! I spend so many time alone in Nature, just enjoying the sky, furtive animals and how beautiful the Earth can be. Beauty can be so well hidden into banality sometimes and only reveal to those who can look. I love this page and I hope you'll continuously edit it.

    1. Thankyou Nathalie, the picture underneath is the field which leads (if you go left!) to the end of the lane in the photo and thus to the tree. There is so much natural beauty out there that people miss out on. I used to see so many people out in the countryside but now when out we rarely see anyone at all. It's nice and quiet, but very sad at the same time. I can't bear to think of it all disappearing.

  4. Hi, i love your photo of the oak tree and would love to visit. Do you remember exactly in balcombe it was? Matt