Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Comparison post: Eye Candy - What A Steal and Chanel - Graphite

Hello everyone, hope you are well. I really need to apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have no excuses, just not really felt like it! Still, it hasn't stopped people joining my blog and I want to say a big thankyou to everyone, I never thought I'd get so many followers. This may just get my butt into gear along with dear Hannah from Polly Polish being a sweetie and giving me some much needed motivation.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram when I post the odd polish picture, may remember me posting a picture of these two polish bottles together and I said I'd do a comparison, here it is! I was in my local Sainsbury's conveniently located near me and I saw the lady setting up a new display, barely had she got half the polishes on the shelf than I'd whipped this one back off -  Eye Candy in What A Steal. I knew straight away what it was a possible dupe for.... Chanel Graphite. 

(This picture under bright lamp light): I used 3 thin coats of each for the comparison.

Now when Chanel Graphite came out, I got that and Peridot using my Boots loyalty card points, how at the time I wished I'd got two Graphites instead of one of each, especially as the world and it's mother have been making Peridot copies. Knowing that I might never be able to wear the beautiful Graphite more than once for fear of running out ,it was kept safely at the back of the helmer till now.  On the front of the bottle of the Eye Candy it even says Graphite on there!! But it cost's £6.00 for 12ml compared to Chanel in at £17 for 13 ml.

Anyway enough of the waffle from me, let's look at the polishes shall we? (I apologise now for the mark on the ring finger, was interfering in my husband's cooking.)  So can you tell which is which? 

Below is in natural early evening light:

Below is under warm tone bright kitchen spotlight:

I have to say the formula was pretty much identical on both of these, both spread nicely and dried fairly quickly, you do have to let it dry completely between coats though or risk bald spots. 

Ok, ok!!! You want to know which is which, well from left to right (above) - index finger is Chanel, middle finger is Eye Candy, ring finger is Chanel and little finger is Eye Candy.

It is very, very difficult to tell these apart, there was a lot of talk of Revlon's Carbonite being a near dupe, (I have that and it's not dupe enough to satisfy me), however Eye Candy's What A Steal blows the Revlon out of the water. If I want to be really pedantic about it, I'd say the Eye Candy's has an almost imperceptible yellow tinge to it, and is a touch darker in base colour -  to test this, when removing, I laid a cotton pad with remover over each for five seconds to reveal, below you can see Graphite on the left and What A Steal on the right. You can see it is indeed darker and with gold sparkles hence the slight yellow tinge.

But as you can see from the polishes on the nails, there really is not much in it all, and I for one am MORE than happy to at last have some sort of back up of this stunning Chanel polish, I might even wear it again soon!

What do you think to this then ladies? Are you more of a Peridot girl or was it Graphite that you loved like me? I do believe that Eye Candy have a Peridot possible dupe, but I haven't bought it...yet.  I can see why the Graphite dupe was named What A Steal, it totally is, even the formula is identical for less than half the price.

Thankyou for looking. xxx