Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google Friend Connect.

Hello everyone, I'm sure you have heard about Google Friend Connect being got rid of for non Blogger users. 
If some of you use GFC to read blogs from other hosts such as Wordpress for example: Lipglossiping  you may have found that they have gone quiet, but this is because Google have removed the widget for those non-Blogger sites which allow you to read them.

Charlotte who runs the Lipglossiping blog has put together a list where you can find some of the non-Blogger sites affected, please take a look and see if you follow any.

Here is a link to the Twitter link shown in the image:!/lipglossiping/goodbye-gfc/members 

I think you can manually add the missing blogs to Google Reader, but don't quote me on that!! 

There are also various other ways in which you can follow blogs such as BlogLovin' (the widget for which you can see on the right of my blog). This is just an example, lots of blogs have so many other ways to follow such as Facebook, email etc, so you should be able to keep up with posts on most if not all of them that are affected. 

I should probably do this for my blog, but I'm USELESS with computers, so any tips would be gratefully received!!

Anyway a few of us think that Blogger will do away with the whole GFC thingie to move us all over to Google+ which is not doing very well....

Take care everyone, be back soon with another post! xxx

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  1. Great post lovey, I should really get something similar on mine too, I just keep forgetting, oops! And you know if you need any help with the FB link etc again just let me know <3 xx