Monday, January 30, 2012

Shizzlelips Metallic Lip Foils - Review

Hello everyone, sorry it's been a while between posts but have been very busy doing all sorts of things! Some not so interesting things and some very exciting things! 

Anyway, today I have Metallic lip foils sent to me for review from Shizzlelips.


These are basically foil transfers for the lips. Although they just look like a flat colour on the strips, once on they slightly crackle with the natural creasing on the lips giving a very sparkly finish.

In each pack which currently retails for £12.50 you receive glue, one metre of the foil (which gives 6-12 applications depending on the thickness of your lips) and instructions.

Before starting any application there is a warning to do a test patch of the glue first, this is because like eyelash glue it contains latex. Now if you are latex intolerant (like myself) or allergic you CANNOT use the glue. I bought myself some non-latex eyelash glue to try these out from but still did a test patch. 

The instructions are easy to follow and not longwinded, and you can see in the photo (below) the foil at the top after I had applied to the lips:

My first attempt was pretty poor to be honest, I didn't wait for the glue to dry enough and it rubbed off when trying to reapply. Below was using the colour Ruby Red:

I tried to put a bit of concealer round the edge to neaten it up but it didn't really work very well so I just needed practice! Ruby Red is a stunning colour which reminded me of a beautiful lipstick that Urban Decay used to do called Tramp, it was a really pigmented metallic lipstick, sadly no longer made.

Although pretty easy to apply after a couple of goes, my tips for a perfect application are:
  • Ensure you get the glue applied as neatly and in the shape you want on the first 'pressing', you can then add more to fill in gaps.
  • Leave glue till almost completely dry - or you run the risk of the foil sticking to the glue but also pulling the glue of the lip and ending with a sticky mess!
  • Smile as wide as you can and press on the foil as hard as you can to really attach to the glue.
  • Pull off very quickly - think wax strip!
  • If filling in gaps try not to get glue over where you have foil already as the foil may be pulled off on subsequent 'pressings'.  
  • Make sure lips are bone dry and try not to get it in the corners where lips are naturally wetter (or too inside the lip area).
  • Don't worry if there are tiny gaps, where it cracks on the lips it'll have these and you wont be walking about like a cheshire cat grinning all of the time anyway!! Enjoy.                                             

Below sparkling in the sunshine is Bolshie Blue, I LOVED this colour:

Here is Glam Gold, this would look so cool on the beach in summer, trouble is you'd be constantly getting the mirror out to admire.

You can see my application is still not perfect but I have tried putting on another person and it looked better, again as with all new things, practice makes perfect.

These foils are pretty hardwearing and I wore for a few hours without needing to touch up, and they saw me through drinking and eating. Removal is not too bad, well not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Shizzlelips recommend using some sort of oil suitable for the lips. I rubbed a little bit of Boots Botanics Organic Eye Makeup Remover and then used a damp facecloth to gently rub it off, finishing with a bit of lipbalm to soothe and counteract any dryness. 

I would say if you are daring enough to wear this, do give them a try. They are great fun and not just for clubbing, or fancy dress. There are 10 different colours to choose from and are available directly from Shizzlelips . Have any of you already tried these at all? I could have done with these in my teenage years!

I'll be back again soon with my next post as requested by Samantha about my nailcare routine. xxx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a-england nail polish - Dragon

Hello dear followers I'm back with a quick post which I'm very excited about! Adina's new collection 'The Legend' is nearly out and I managed to get a couple on pre-order. This one is Dragon as in St. George (which I also have) and the Dragon. It is a green holographic polish with the holo being not quite scattered and not quite as linear as some but very beautiful nonetheless.

Dragon is a one coat polish if you're careful, but I had to do two as I was making toast for my little one and got crumbs on it before fully dry, oops! So this is 2 coats.

I think of all the mythical creatures in fiction, dragons have to be my favourite! 

The colour of this polish does indeed represent all that we think of dragons in terms of colour - green, with iridecense and I'm sure there is a very subtle duochrome to this polish, as there is definitely a golden sheen to it in certain lights and angles, perhaps this represents the fire they breathe?

You can see the golden sheen in the photo below in partial sunlight:

In bright warm tone kitchen spotlight with some nails out of focus to see the holographic shimmer:

 Close up with flash:

 In natural light:

Today was downright miserable being really grey and murky, but I though I'd try on this polish anyway to cheer me up and the sun decided to come out for about ten minutes which was great so I managed to get a few photos. They really don't do the polish justice, in full sun the holographic effect seems much more strong, but my old camera just couldn't pick it up properly.

In sunlight:

Have any of you ordered these polishes or intend to get any? I love a-england polishes as you know, I thank Rebecca of Pandora's Nails for introducing me to them. Rebecca has all the polishes so you can pop over to her blog and see the all of them in the bottles, can't wait to see her photos of them on her nails!

The new collection will be available very soon at the usual price of £9.00 to include postage ( worldwide), from the a-england website.


Friday, January 13, 2012

a-england nail polish - Camelot ( + Polka Dot Manicure using Boots 17 matte topcoat.)

Hello everyone, a big hello to my old followers and a big welcome to my new followers, thankyou for following my little old blog! It's taken me ages to get another post done as I've been mega busy  and I really needed to get my face from last post off the homepage!!

Today I have another of the a-england polishes from my collection, the glossy black known as Camelot. I don't think I've ever worn a straight up black polish as the colour doesn't really suit me. Camelot is a great polish though and I will probably use for nail art, as I have further on in the post.

For the photos I did 2 coats, and it is pretty quick to dry to a beautiful high gloss so typical of the a-england polishes.

In full sunlight: 

In natural light:

 On the whole hand in sunlight:

I also got some dotting tools for christmas and anyone who knows me will testify to my love of polka dots, one of my favourite patterns! I even dress my daughters in lots of dotty clothing and I'm happy to say I've pretty much indoctrinated them into the way of dots- they love them too!

So I've had a couple of tries with the tools and I love them, expect more and even more dotty manicures... over Camelot I used matte topcoat from Boots 17 to create the pattern and I really like the effect, I also like the tactile feel of the dots, being slightly raised:

A close up in natural light:

I like the how using the matte topcoat rather than a different colour to create the dots has produced a subtle take on a bold pattern.

Do any of you like polka dots or are you more of a stripey person?!!
Until next post, which will be a quick rundown on my nailcare and filing routine as asked by Samantha on Twitter!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Rockalily Lipstick - Mae Hem

Hello everyone, hope you are ok and all recovered from the new year festivities? 

The first lipstick I have worn this year is also the only lipstick I wore in the month of December and it's called Mae Hem from Rockalily Makeup - an independent makeup company created by ReeRee Rockette, who also does a great blog featuring all things beauty and fashion related for rockabilly ladies.

I was first found out about ReeRee's blog via Twitter and then discovered she created lipstick. I really like vintage style from most era's but from the 50's I can only do the rockabilly style, the 50's cupcake baking housewife thing just isn't me. (Ever the rock chick, Esther!)

Mae Hem was a must for me for two reasons - 1) Mae is my youngest daughters middle name and I'm a soppy old thing, and 2) I love a bright orange-red lipstick. Not often I do wear lipstick but when I do it has to be this colour or shocking pink!

Mae Hem is a limited edition shade, and I think I may have to get back up of it, as when arrived it didn't leave my lips for a week - unheard of! ReeRee has described it as a creamy matte, and I would say this is correct. There is a slight sheen on first application but a quick blot and re-apply sorts it out. The creaminess means it doesn't dry the lips and I wore all day without needing to reapply. I even ate lunch and dinner without ruining it.

Hold fast people, I'm about to post a photo of myself! This lipstick deserves to be shown with my retro eyeliner and squashed quiff (thankyou arguing & crying girls!). Concentrate on the beautiful lipstick and not me looking self-conscious ( skin gone horrible again).

With flash:

Below in natural light:

Below in bright sunlight: 

This is another close up cropped in from another photo (why it's fuzzy) under flash conditions:

Another good thing about these lipsticks, as well as being super pigmented and moisturising is that they are paraben free, and you know that's a good thing in my book.

Mae Hem is yet to be available on the main website page but ReeRee had a few for pre-release to buy via a blogpost, I will try and find out if any more available - mainly for me!!

Do any of you own or have tried a Rockalily lipstick? I think I might try Pompadour Pink next. 

I'll be back with another nail post very soon. xxx

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Fab Favourites of 2011 - New Year Resolutions!


Hello my fab followers, so we begin another new year and as a lot of people have done a best of their favourite products post, I thought I'd do one too... 

First I'll start off by saying that I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2012 and hope it works out to be good for you!

                                     *              *              *             *             * 

This was my new year manicure with a-england's Perceval as the base with the numbers done in a-england's Merlin:

(I was pleased how it turned out considering I had to do on my left hand for photography purposes and I'm left handed. It was quite neat having been done by the right using a dotting tool.)

                                                 *               *               *             *             *

Over the past year there haven't been too many products that have really stood out as being spectacularly great, apart from the following items:

Nail polish - without a doubt The Mythicals Collection created by the wonderful Adina for her small company 'a-england'. I really couldn't choose one particular polish as my favourite so it's wise I just put the whole collection! (Being a huge fan of purple this collection does not disappoint - there are plenty to choose from.)
Not only are the polishes great, the whole idea behind the inspiration of the collection being the legend of King Arthur makes it special - not just another collection churned out to keep up with everyone else. Thought and care has gone into it. The website is a pleasure to navigate and Adina's customer service is one of the best I have experienced in many years. Thankyou Adina, we await the new collection with baited breath!

Above left to right: King Arthur, Excalibur, Merlin, Morgan Le Fay, Iseult, Guinevere, Elaine, Lady of The Lake, Tristam, Lancelot, Camelot, Avalon, Perceval, Galahad, and Holy Grail.

The polishes are available from the and there is a promotion available till the 6th of January to get two polishes for a reduced price: Merry - Crowns

Makeup: - Having bought mainly nail polish last year, the only makeup to have really impressed me was Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in Epatant. This is a pleasure to use and although expensive it is in my opinion worth every penny. I actually used my Boots Advantage Card points to buy a few Chanel bits at the end of summer last year including this.

The eyeshadow wears all day (or night!) without rubbing off, even on my slightly oily lids. You can easily apply with your finger or the surprisingly good brush - I find the best way is to apply to lid with finger and blend with a fluffy brush and use the enclosed brush to line under the eye. (I tried to take a picture of it but no sun, and the camera flash bleached out the sparkle - a nice sparkle not like glitter a young girl would wear):

Skincare: - Towards the end of the year I have used a few facial skincare items that were quite good for my skintype ( possible posts soon!) but did try some body products too. Over the course of my lifetime I have used many, many creams as having suffered from eczema in my teens and twenties, I needed to. My eczema has cleared up but I still have sensitive skin and even though now oily thanks to lovely hormones (after the birth of second daughter), one area of my body that is still dry is my hands. I'm a bit OCD about handwashing and the use of some acetone polish removers has not helped. 

Step in -  Super Moisturising Hand Cream from balance Me:

It is so overwhelming to see the amount of different products out there to try and I discovered this by subscribing to the Carmine Beauty boxes. I'm so glad to have found it, it's paraben free and when you put on slightly damp hands after washing it keeps them soft and supple. I don't think I'll be changing to another anytime soon!

So that was my favourite products of 2011 and I wonder what 2012 will bring! What have been your favourites of 2011 if any? Any recommendations for me to try?

Also it's that time of year where we all make our resolutions to improve ourselves and generally fail miserably. I'm making an extra concerted effort this year though to do the following:

1) Procrastinate less, my husband's procrastination is rubbing off on me and I can't allow it to!

2) Get more people to recyle and be more environmentally friendly. 

3) Drink more water - I hate it and have to force myself!

4) Read more books - I slacked last year. 

5) Buy less makeup - do I really want it? I don't need it.

6) More knitting  - relaxing and good fun to make things.

7) More exercise - I eat healthily, but I could do with increasing fitness levels & stamina!

Phew that's enough to be getting on with eh?

Until next post. xxx