Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick Thankyou post to ALL of my Fab Followers...

You have all been so lovely, I meant to do this post a couple of days ago when I had reached 100 followers over both Google Friend Connect & BlogLovin' together but my number's zoomed up since then! I also want to thank all the people who have visited my blog from all over the world and hope you have found it both useful and a good read.

I never even thought I would have this many followers since I started my blog, and I really love doing it. I've had amazing support from a lot of people all the way including my good friend Caroline, my husband (who generally buys the polish!!) and also my fellow bloggers.  Those fellow bloggers who deserve a special thankyou for always being there from the beginning are Rebecca from Pandora's Nails, Mihaela from Lacquerbuzz, Lucy from Lucyywrites..., Tee-Dee from Cute-Tickle nails, they've given me so much help and encouragement especially as I'm useless with computers!

I want to thank my lovely Twitter followers, all 267 of you. I have also has great support from a lot of people there who re-tweet my posts and give me positive feedback, including the ever lovely Marina from the best beauty blog out there - Makeup4all.

(Am I sounding like an Oscar speech yet?)

Anyway... I try to keep my blog simple and free from too many distractions, which is why I don't have any adverts on there. I try to keep my writing concise and the comments section open to all, so even those who might like to anonymously feedback can. Luckily not had any nasty comments yet (I'd probably cry!).

Photowise, I try to keep any photos I do also clear of distraction, I know I only have a tiny compact but I think you can see what you need to. Marta from ChitChat nails had commented that she liked my first nail bottle pictures, and for those I had drawn inspiration from the fashion photography of Terry Richardson , he uses quite a lot of bright flash against a blank background, which I quite like, no soft focus here, (probably need it)!

My natural beauty page is not what it seems at first! I love the area I live in and being outside in nature generally, so I decided to add some photo's of the countryside and also will be addding other naturally occuring beautiful things as I go along. 

Any feedback or request are most welcome, so leave a comment in the box if you like, I always try to answer all of them. xxx



  1. I think its good to take stock every now and then, and to discuss how/why you do things, so I think this is really nice post.

    Its great reading your posts and also chatting to you on Twitter - so thank you back !!

  2. Well done lovely! You totally deserve the followers! You'll be over taking me soon I know it :D I told you you'd get 100 easy! I'm excited for you : Thankyou for my lovely mention, I do often mention you if I ever do guest blogs for people :) Keep it up twitter/blog Mum ;)


  3. I'm very glad to have met you Esther and I have to thank you too for the support you've given to my blog. You are a very special lady!xx

  4. you have amazing posts Esther, i love how you photograph under different lights for us to correctly get the idea of the nail colors,tweeting is fun with you, Congrats on the ever increasing new followers! you deserve it babe! xox

  5. Thankyou Paul, Lucy, Mihaela and Rakhshan, you've all been so lovely! xxx

  6. Thanks so much for the mention Esther, you are so sweet and deserve all the attention that comes to you and your lovely blog <3 So glad we have been there to help each other and watch each others blogs grow <3 <3 xx

  7. Rebecca - you've been an amazing source of inspiration & support with my blog, I have loved every one of your posts too, always a pleasure to read them. :-)xx