Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Entry For Marta from ChitChat Nails competition:

Marta from ChitChat nails is holding a competition to create a manicure to go with her dress, when she accompanies her husband to his works Christmas night.

You can view the details by clicking here.

This was my entry I emailed to Marta yesterday.

Close up of nail:

These are the following polishes I used for the manicure, in order used from left to right; Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer, Boots 17 -  matte topcoat, Chanel - Peridot, China Glaze - Jitterbug, ELF - Black and Revlon - Belle:

I started off with 2 thin layers of Secret Admirer to represent the main black material of the dress, but decided to put 2 thin layers of matte topcoat over to tone down the sparkle and so as not to compete with the dress.

Then came a little sponging of Chanel Peridot to add a hint of colour, about 3/4 of the way from tip of nail upwards. 

On top of this I sponged some Jitterbug to represent the darker sequins on the dress, which covered about half of the Peridot.

At the tips french manicure style I put some glossy ELF Black to match the silky belt of the dress.
Last but not least over the bottom half of nail and the ELF did a thin layer of Revlon Belle to copy the light sequins at the bottom of the dress.

Marta will be doing a post on Sunday to open up comments and a voting system to see who will win! I shall leave it up to you as to whether you would like to vote for me or not, I'm sure there will be some amazing entries!

I'll leave you with a pretty bottle spam photo:  BLING!!!


  1. That's awesome. I love it. X

  2. Gorgeous. I love the Peridot sponged onto the black. xxx

  3. Ohhhh I love this, I can't wait til my nails grow out again. I want to try this. GOOD LUCK xoxo

  4. This is great! It's amazing how much thought you have put in every detail of this manicure. I love everything about it, but especially the Revlon glitter. Must get me one of those. Will be voting for you!xx

  5. This is sooo pretty! Love glitter polishes at the moment :) xo

  6. This is great! :) Hope you win!


  7. Thankyou so much Ladies, I had fun doing this, and it looked so much better in real life, it went from matte to sparkly!

  8. Gorgeous Mani! Loving Revlon Belle :-) x

  9. Thankyou TeeDee & Nic, I really enjoyed this look and will do again properly as I think I made the black glossy tip too big!

  10. I love this, so glam! My mum bought me Peridot today but I am not allowed it till Christmas :( Oh and good luck with the Competition if it is still going on!! xx

  11. Rebecca - thankyou lovely! It could've been done a bit better, I may try again a bit neater!As for Peridot, you need to have some nail related presents to open if you've had the Helmer early...;-)xx