Sunday, December 18, 2011

a-england nail polish - Tristam

Hello again lovely followers, I have finally bought you Tristam from the wonderful a-england - The Mythicals polish collection. I decided to re-do the photos for this as the last ones were only in partial sunlight and therefore not shown to my satisfaction! Also my nails have grown a bit longer so more of the lovely polish to show. 

Tristam has a lovely scattered holographic finish set in a beautiful dark blue/indigo base and looks stunning on olive skin. It's also a very glossy polish and I didn't feel I needed a topcoat with this or in fact with any of the a-england polishes! (Two coats for the swatch.)

Below is in natural light and slightly out of focus to see the holo effect better:

The actual colour reminds me of Parker Quink Ink in the bottles you can get.

I would like to thank Steve at Penbox for allowing me to use this image. If you are in the market for a luxury or vintage pen please check the website out, there are some lovely items there! (Look at the vintage Egyptian mummy pencil  - beautiful!)

On with the photo's, below with flash showing how lovely the blue is in bright light:

A close up under warm tone kitchen spotlight:

Low angle to show the dark blue colour:

Beautiful in the sunlight, the first picture of these is my favourite:

I really like this polish so much, it reminds me of the dark skies over Corsica when I was on honeymoon, it was so dark where we were you could actually see the stars and we saw an amazing meteorite that streaked across the sky for what seemed like forever...

Hope you've liked this polish, and if you don't have it you should really get it, available from the lovely Adina and her online shop: a-england , Adina also has a fab offer on at the moment called Merry Crowns where you can purchase two pre-chosen polishes (Tristam is not included however) in a set and save £5.00, also free worldwide shipping is included. This offer runs till the 6th of January 2012, so you have plenty of time to get some. Thankyou Adina!



  1. I have this and love it! Am a new follower! Nice blog!

  2. lovely color! your nails are sooo pretty! x

  3. What an awesome shade. You keep wearin this brand so proud I just admire from afar (for now).
    And I've said it a billion times, but there is something so beautiful about your first pic with the bottle. So feminine and delicate!

  4. Ooo thats a lovely colour. with a lovely fleck in it.
    The Quink brought back memories of school days - I could almost smell that ink !

  5. That looks fabulous on you Esther! I really love the posts on A-England - great company and your pictures do the polishes justice. :)

  6. Just gorgeous! I already knew I needed this, but was waiting for your post to see the lovely pictures. Good job, as usual! This must be one of the best blue polishes ever.

  7. Thankyou everyone fro all your lovely comments, it really is a spectacular polish and I consider it a must have in every collection.

    Marisa - did you order this?

    Fingers - welcome to my blog and thankyou for follow, love the cats!

    Rakhshan - thankyou love!!

    Marta - thankyou, did you get my email? x

    Sarah & Alexa - thankyou, it really is lovel, do you ladies have?

    Paul - I know exactly what you mean, it certainly had a distinctive smell to it, I loved it!

    Mary - thankyou, I'm glad I redid the pictures, they original ones were ok, but these are better!

    Mihaela - You should get this,it'd look beautiful on you skintone! x

  8. Beautiful post for a beautiful polish! <3

  9. I love this on you and you captured it so well <3 xx

  10. This is so nice, the photos really show the best of it. x

  11. Wow! That nail polish is of the hook! You take such amazing pictures and I'm just getting serious cravings after reading this post! I'm also jealous of your elegant nails, mine are just a mess these days!