Friday, December 9, 2011

a-england nail polish - Holy Grail

Hello lovely followers, I am back not with Tristam from a-england as I said I would in the last post, but Holy Grail. I think I will reswatch the Tristam ones as I have decided to grow my nails and keep longer now (my girls are not really needing dressing as much and so there is no risk of me accidentally scratching them). 

I apologise in advance for shoddy application, had a tantrumming 3 year old on me, and then I dropped my little clean up brush into the FULL bottle of polish remover. Bloody brilliant.

Anyway Holy Grail is a bright yellow gold and I felt like I had dipped my fingertips in molten gold. As well as Galahad in my prevous post, this was the only other polish in the amazing a-england Mythicals collection I was really worried would not suit me. I don't think its too bad on me but I really want to see this on darker skin and I'm hoping that the marvelous Marisa from Polish Obsession will get it so I can see on her lovely skintone! (Hint, hint Marisa!)

I don't have any colours like this in my collection and it's always good to have one true gold, most of mine are very cool golds leaning toward silver.

Below is in full sunlight, look at how bright it is!:

Below is under warmer tone kitchen spotlight and close up:

In natural non-sunlight:

With flash:

This is going to be a perfect colour for nail art/sponging etc and will definitely try again in summer and see how it looks again, to be honest my photo's are not doing this polish justice! 

Oh and I've finally collected all of the Mythicals, as Adina has a great promotion on at the moment: a-england - Merry Crowns Promotion , treat yourself, this is an amazing offer!

Do any of you people have this colour? Send me your links if you have so I can see, whether swatches or as nail art, I love seeing how other people have used certain colours.

Have a great weekend people. xxx


  1. Never seen this polish in Australia before, but i love this colour :)

  2. This looks great on you!!! It truly is a beautiful color. Thanks for the shout out ;0)

  3. This looks FANTASTIC ON YOU! I have a similar shade from Misa brand ! Agreed. It is "bright" and lovely on its own, but perfect for an extra touch too :)
    I love the way you hold the bottles in your first photos :)

  4. I really love this on your skin tone! Would not look that good on mine probably. I'm sure this is great for stamping. Congrats on your complete a-england collection!xx

  5. such a beautiful rich gold!! lovin the name again! xx

  6. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments!

    All Shiny Things - all a-england polishes can be posted worldwide, I'd thoroughly recommend trying.

    Marisa - that's ok, I cant wait to see it on you!!

    Marta - Thankyou! I wanted to do something a bit different.

    Mihaela - I think this would look lovely on you too,although you have light skin I think it's a colour that would suit all. x

    Rakhshan - Isn't it a great name? Holy nail Grail!

  7. So gorgeous! I am going to buy this, but I fear it will not look as lovely on my cool skintone. It looks fantastic on you!

  8. Thankyou Jacqui, there's only one way to find out. x

  9. Wow this color really GLOWS! Amazing!

  10. Thankyou Dana, do you have any a-england? x

  11. You have truly made Holy Grail shine here Esther, I love this on you so much!! xx

  12. Thankyou Rebecca, it certainly is very bright in the sun, I think I'll probably wear more in summer when my skin gets a bit darker so it contrasts a bit more!x

  13. If this is shoddy application then I'm a gnu. :-)

    Love the collection; just bought Bridal Veil.