Sunday, December 11, 2011

Butter London nail polish - Wallis

This is Wallis, the second of the Butter London polishes I ordered. After seeing this on Lipglossiping , I've really wanted it for a while, but they are pretty expensive at £12 a pop, and so waited till recently to order (good old birthday money). 

It was 75 years ago today that Edward VIII renounced any claim to the throne to marry his love Wallis Simpson -  who this polish is named after. Lynnette owner of Lovely's Vintage Emporium has written a beautiful article in relation to this anniversary and her online vintage shop, which you can view by clicking here

Wallis is lots and lots of dark gold shimmer (microglitter?) in a darkish base. Application was great with it spreading on the nail nicely and being opaque in two coats. As with all metallic shimmer polishes it can look dull in low light but really shimmers in bright light, you'll see in the last photo!

Despite the amount of microglitter in it, this polish is surprisingly smooth and needed no topcoat, unless you want one for longevity though.

Below was under bright warm tone kitchen spotlight and it really gleamed here too:

With flash:

Here are the sunlight photo's, you can see the shine and how much it glow's in the very last one:

( I always find it a bit weird that at certain angles the sun bleaches out the lines on my skin, it looks a bit like I'm made of plastic!!):

Close up in the sun to see the shimmer:

Look at it glow, this photo doesn't really capture it well enough though, I had to make it slightly out of focus to capture the light:

I'm glad I finally have this and don't really have anything similar. I thought maybe that Models Own Golden Green  was alike but you can see from that post it's not.

Do any of you own this and have anything similar?

Next Butter London posts will be All Hail the Queen and Black Knight. xxx


  1. Gorgeous manicure, it looks stunning on you. Maybe I'll dig mine out too!


  2. Such a pretty colour, perfect for Christmas time - following :)


  3. Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous. I haven't tried any Butter London polishes yet, waiting for a windfall! x

  4. Oooh gorgeous, you've really made me want this!

  5. Thankyou ladies!

    Nazia - have you tried it yet?

    Jessica - thankyuou will take a look at your blog too.

    Sharon - I got this in a the Butter London sale that was on, not sure if it still is?

    Cali369 - thankyou, it really is pretty, my pictures don't do it justice!

  6. This is one of my favorite BL's, it looks fantastic on you!

  7. I've seen this on a few blogs, but none of them captured the shimmer like you did, Esther! Good job with the photographing again! Polish looks gorgeous on you!

  8. Thankyou again ladies, I try to get as many photos in the post to show different angles but without duplicating! xx

  9. This is simply stunning Esther, you have shown this colour so well <3 xx

  10. What a beautiful shade... I have no job these months and for this reason my purchases are limited to veryveryvery cheap polishes, and any time I see this beauty my heart makes a jump (ok, I suffer of extrasystoles but not for this XD)

  11. Rebecca - it's much better in real life, I've been a lemming for it for months! Glad I have it now.:-) I still need me some Glitter Gal after seeing your swatches...& HITS....x

    Gnoma - I'm sorry to hear about your extrasystoles & hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble, I used to get palpitaions but it seems to have settled since I've got older (fingers crossed it'll stay that way!). This is truly a great colour & if it wasn't for birthday money I wouldn't have any of these Butter London ones either. ;-) x

  12. Birthday Money? Mh... August is too far in my case! XD But a friend of mine is going to move to London within a few months, so I think I'll ask to her for UK purchases in the future, in this way I'll surely save much money and I could buy 2 or 3 of my lemmings, at least! <3

  13. stunningly beautiful! and nice capture with cam, must be really hard. i agree to that dark base part, because it looks like you have maybe a black polish underneath it all in some pics, but then not at all in others

  14. Gnoma - you'll love it when your friend can send you polishes. I bemoan the lack of nice polishes here compared to everywhere else but it's not too bad!

    EyeGraffiti - this was one of the harder ones to capture, along with All Hail The Queen, which was slightly more holographic than I could capture ( not much though!)