Saturday, December 10, 2011

Butter London nail polish - Minger

This is my first foray into Butter London nail polishes, and I honestly thought they were a UK based company but they are actually a US company. However it seems I was not alone in thinking this!

I ordered four colours from the website: Minger (this post), All Hail The Queen, Black Knight and Wallis. I probably would not have got them all if it wasn't for a 30% sale they were having.

So this beauty is actually called Minger and I don't know why, because I love it. Application was good with this being three thin coats and the colour reminds me slightly of a pumpkin crossed with a traffic cone. I don't have any oranges like this ( I don't think!). It is a lovely shiny creme.

Below is under the old warm tone kitchen spotlight, no flash:

In natural light:

Here it is in sunlight and a close up to show the glossiness (no topcoat):

From what I've read Butter London has had mixed reviews concerning the formula. The others I tried did seem to have a slightly different application to them but were all different in finish so unless I have more cremes etc to compare, I can't really make a fair judgement on this. 

I think I'll be wearing this colour quite a bit over winter, it's not probably worn by many over the cooler months but I find it really uplifting!



  1. Holy cow girl this color is STUNNING on you! love it!

  2. I haven't tried this brand yet. I like the glossiness.

  3. Again a perfect shade for your skin tone. I only have one orange polish but I've never worn it on my fingers. I've used it for my toes many times, but I think it would look awkward on my hands.

  4. This is really a nice color. It looks great on you!! Such an interesting name though. I wonder what it means?

  5. Thankyou ladies!

    Dana - you should get it, it's really so nice!

    Alex - this is ther first time I've tried this brand too and so far I'm impressed.

    Mihaela - I think orange, like blue, suits all skintones, I think you just need to get the right one. Just like I though Galahad wouldn't suit me. :-)

    Marisa - 'Minger' is the British slang word for an ugly girl, so I think that this may be deemed one of those ugly colour polishes, but I really can't see it! It's gorgeous.

  6. I like Butter London! And indeed I thought they were a UK brand. I have Wallis and The Black Knight, too and I love them! Too bad they're rather pricey because they have lots of pretty colors.

  7. I like this colour very much! Weird name to call it though - Its not going to enhance sales haha

  8. Wow! Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I agree, definitely not an ugly color at all.

  9. Sabine - I'm really gettin gon with them , they seem really nice, I think maybe as a treat now and again, or as I have done for late birthday!

    Paul & Marisa - I'd have called it something vastly different, as it is PRETTY!

  10. i love your nails Esther!! they make any nail color look awesome:) this one looks just gorgeous! x

  11. Thanks Rakhshan, I am so pleased with this colour, I think creme finishes suit my hands best. x

  12. What an amazing looking orange polish, will cheer you up no problem on a dreary day xx

  13. Rebecca - it certainly does, not so bright that you stick out like a beacon, but warm enough to be winter appropriate. x