Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butter London nail polish - Black Knight

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't get this post up as planned the day before yesterday, the last three nights my little girl has had a bit of a chest infection and has insisted falling asleep on me so can't really type and cuddle. 

This is Black Knight, the last of my Butter London nail polishes I have to show you and she is a beauty, I do not exaggerate when I say my pictures do not do this justice. This was originally a limited edition available in the US only but I think demand was so high that Butter London decided to bring over here too and I'm so glad they did. I really need a video with my hand moving to show it off. There are multi-coloured pieces of glitter that also vary in size and shape (see end photo), set in a black base.

For the swatch I did two coats, that was all it took to get opaque, and was surprisingly quick to dry. I put later of Revlon topcoat on as it felt slightly gritty but not too bad. Another thing about the topcoat was that it really enhanced the sparkle.

Below in natural light and with a close up after:

Below a closeup under warm tone bright spotlight, the blue glitter really stands out:

But here are the ones you've all been waiting for, yes those sun ones with full on bling alert! These photo's don't convey how sparkly it really was. For some reason the sparkles remind me of Top Of the Pops from the 80's all sparkle and slightly out of focus to see the shimmer of the spotlights. ( No? Just me then!):

As always with removal of glitters, this was a pain in the backside, which is why I saved till last to swatch that day, the sheer amount of glitter packed into this beauty is what makes it sparkle so much.

Whilst removing you could see the actual glitter better (as the base colour is removed first) and so I took a quick photo - there is hexagonal pink and blue, square pink, silver, green and red-orange, irregular yellow bits and plenty more besides, I couldn't get a better picture with my compact to really show so this was the best I could do:

I think although I might not normally wear black in summer, I'll be wearing this to get the full effect from the sun, the amount of glitter doesn't make it too black anyway and you may as well take advantage of the bright light to show it off!

Having recently been informed that Butter London have taken distribution back to the USA, this might explain why it may have taken me a while to receive these. However you can get Butter London from Powder Rooms if you are in the UK.

Thankyou for reading this and for all the lovely comments on the other Butter London ones I posted about! xxx


  1. Your doing it again :P Another polish in your collection I need :P It's gorgeous and glittery :D

  2. Omg!!! I'm in glitter heaven, lol!! I am not into black at all, but I agree, with all that glitter it doesn't even really look black. This is so gorgeous!!

    Hope your daughter is doing much better.

  3. My goodness, these are the best photos I've seen of this polish! Your pics are amazing!!

  4. you've got some gorgeous fingertips :))) and let me just say that i've never seen more beautiful polish pictures--yours are just fab!!!

  5. omg is what I think! the sun reflecting pics were awesome! this looks like a galaxy....!
    me want this, that's for sure!

  6. Lucy & Marisa - this certainly satifies any cravings for glitter that's for sure!

    ABOP - thankyou so much for your kind words, I love going through your blogposts and seeing the wonderful manicures you have, todays polka dots on mint was beautiful!

    Maryam - Thankyou, I also love looking at your blog as you have similar skintone to me and it's nice to see lovely makeup done well.

    EyeGraffiti - it probably is if you're thinking of Black Knight!! You should try and get it, I'm so glad I did.

  7. Esther!!!! I absolutely love this post, you have shown this polish so well! And I love it, I might need this to be my first Butter polish <3 xx

  8. Thankyou Rebecca, it is really pretty and I'd love to see it on you! xx

  9. Beautiful! You did a great job capturing the different colours in the glitter, Esther! I will be wearing mine on New Year's Eve! :)

  10. Awe, hope you little miss is feeling better :) This polish is AMAZING! Its going on my Lemming list....... I LOVE GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. O.M.G this is seriously amazing!! Utterly stunning and so glamorous! WOWWWW!!!

  12. So pretty! I have this but I haven't used it yet. I have to wear it like right now!

  13. I was speechless when I saw this! I've yet to find this color combination in a glitter. It's so unique. And the black base makes it so pretty. I would say this is the perfect galaxy nails type polish. It's gorgeous even without the sun!xx

  14. Mary - thankyou, would love to see a picture of you wearing it!

    All Things Shiny - Thankyou my little one is slowly getting there, if she bothered to wrap up warm in winter she'd be ok!! The polish is absolutely lovely, no doubt.

    Nic - Thankyou!I think this'd look amazing on you, do you have it?

    Nancy - Thankyou! you really need to wear it, it's so pretty, even when not in the sun it still is so colourful.

    Mihaela - it is certainly unique as far as I'm aware, I love that it has a touch of yellow in it too to really brighten. I think of galaxy nails too when I see it.

    Thankyou all for your lovely comments, if you have it and not tried yet, you really need to. xx

  15. WOW, Black Knight is gorgeous Esther!! I bought it during their sale and I can't wait to try it out. :D

  16. So awesome! Definitely would love to have this one.

  17. Again thankyou ladies, I'm impressed at the feedback I've had!

    Rie - I wait in anticipation for your photo's!x

    Sohpie, LaaLaa, Beaux's Mom, and Deborah - thankyou for looking and commenting. x