Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nails By Sammy from The Nailasaurus - Exclusive!

Hello lovely followers, I thought I'd do a quick post to keep my mind off feeling sorry for myself with this heavy cold I have. I had some lovely nail mail today, including three more a-england polishes in Lancelot, Tristam and Morgan Le Fay. 
I'm not feeling up to swatching as I keep sneezing constantly so you can see the rest of my nail mail, which I might add is a world exclusive. 

Sammy from The Nailasaurus did me two sets of false nails. They are copies of the nails she did for the 'Inspired by Fashion' day of the 31 day nail challenge, which you can see on her fab blog by clicking: Inspired by Fashion - Michael Kors

Sammy did me two sets, one blackened red and one purple, because yes I love purple!

Here they are:

Aren't they just beautiful? I think I have only ever worn false nails once when I was about 18, and as I like to keep my nails short to avoid scratching my young girls these are a perfect alternative. I will wear the purple ones at Christmas when I go back home to see all my friends and show them off.

The black ones I may wear but will probably keep just to look at, so when Sammy's famous I can say she made me a copy of them! Actually she's already had Michael Kors himself talking about the nails, how cool is that? Famous already!

Have a little look at the close-ups:

The purple nails were done with W7 Purple Paradise, which I have but didn't take a picture of the bottle, and Sammy used a-england's Lancelot for the darker ones. For the original look Sammy used W7 Black.

Could someone recommend me a nail glue to stick these on please as I don't have a clue what to use? When I do wear them I will post some photo's so you can see how they look on.
If you like these and wanted some, I'm sure if you contacted Sammy herself she wouldn't mind making some for you.



  1. Yayyyy! I'm so glad they arrived safe and sound, I was really scared they'd get squished in the post but I guess my bubble wrap was sufficient!
    The close ups are awesome! Hope you feel better soon *hugs* xx

  2. These are super cute but elegantly simple at the same time!

  3. Ohhh I drooled over these when I saw them on her blog, AMAZING. I think this is one of my most favourite nail looks ever, just stunning. If I could work out where to buy the little studs I don't think I'd ever take them off!! Brilliant x

  4. lucky you! when I first saw this design, I was bowled over by it's simplistic style & beauty. when I saw the tweet from MK, I was so happy for Sammy! we should get her to do an *Inspired by Fashion* series.

    not being one that does false nails, I can't recommend a glue for your purpose. currently I'm tea bagging my index finger nail with Nailene Ultra Quick brush on glue and the application is lasting me approx 3 manis.

  5. These are really awesome! You are really lucky that Sammy (btw huge fan!) did these for you! Haven't worn fake nails in my life though. Hope it goes well! And get well soon!xx

  6. Sammy - I can't thank you enough, have decided to get a small box frame and put the black ones in to hang some where, so I can have it as artwork. x

    GosipGirlOrg - they are definitely beautiful and badass at the same time!

    Sharon - I think Sammy said you can get the bullion beads from Viva La Nails or Born Pretty.

    Suzanne - that would be brilliant if Sammy could do that, we'll can ask her, and thankyou for glue info.

    Mihaela - Cant wait to wear!

    Am feeling much better today, had a very early night and lots of orange juice.

  7. Gorgeous! You know how much I love this look that Sammy created. :-D

    I think the purple ones are killer! I'll have to try out purple or a deep blue the next time I do this studded mani. ^_^ ♥

  8. I love nail polish and I love your blog! ;)

  9. Yep, the soap and candle making process is pretty similar I think - just melt them down and pour into moulds!
    These are really nice, I might look for some nail studs on ebay and do some for myself!

  10. I was sure I had commented on this already, oh well, I means I just get to say it again..... These are super pretty, I have never worn fake nails but might make an exception for ones like these lol. Can't wait to see them on you <3 xx

  11. Rie - isn't it so beautiful, and yes I agree a dark navy would look amazing. Ivana from Ivana thinks pink did an amazing pink studded manicure like this too. We're all inpsired by Sammy!x

    Fredirica - thankyou for the lovely compliment, I'm new to it all but really enjoying that it brings other people pleasure too. x

    Sophie would love to see your version on your blog!

    Rebecca - I cant wait to wear them, part of me wants to keep pristine, but will also get some studs to try myself at some point, think you should too. xx

  12. These are gorgeous!! I wish I could wear false nails now, but my naturals are nice and long. I used to use the glue that came with the sets of false nails in Claires, it was really good, never fell off an the glue held up 4 mirror tiles on my wall for 4 years :/ beating superglue.

    lucy x

  13. Wow Lucy thats strong stuff, will seek some out, hopefully it's the same formula!!

    Alex they are even more beautiful in real life.