Sunday, November 13, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Purple Blue nail polish

Hello! I'm finally back with the last two of the Beetlejuice collection, my computer has been playing up and not letting me do things in Picasa, but think it may be sorted, fingers crossed!

This particular polish is a beautiful duochrome that moves from a pinky purple to blue in a purple/browny base ( think Orly - Galaxy Girl). I found it quite hard to capture the blue that was present but it's easier to see at really low angles in artificial light than in the sun for some reason. On with the pictures for you, and I did 3 thinnish coats for the swatch.

Also there wasn't a great deal of sunlight as it was partially obscured by clouds, so did the best I could, the following ones are under partial sunlight: 

Here's a close up showing the microglitter, which like Pinky Brown is a very grown up sparkly glitter!

 In natural light:

 Under artificial light with flash:

 Under bright kitchen spotlight:

I hope you have liked this one and thankyou for your patience in waiting for the post, I will now crack on with the last of the Beetlejuice for you... XXX


  1. This one looks so gorgeous on you! I really like it! <3

  2. I need this is my life, I'm so looking for this in the week!! Why must shops not stock it, hate ordering online :)
    Lucy x

  3. Thankyou Ivana! I tried to do a comparison with Orly Galaxy Girl but smudged it majorly and then the sun went in for rest of day, will try to redo & edit the post at end!

    Lucy - I'm pretty sure the shops may end up stocking it as it's been so popular, if they don't it's not very business savvy of them! Why don't you like ordering online? (Postage can be a joke sometimes but Models Own are quite resonable.)

  4. Wow Esther! The half-pink half-blue photos are amazing! Good job again!

  5. Thankyou Rebecca and Mihaela, they're all such lovely colours, had to do lots of photos to capture the multichrome colours. xx