Thursday, November 3, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Golden Green nail polish

I waited with baited breath by my computer to order this collection on the 1st November and glad I did as it was a sell out almost immediately. But the good news is, that all of this collection will be permanent to the range so if you missed out on getting any, fear not.

The polish I thought I'd least like has turned out to be my favourite, Golden Green. In the bottle I thought yes it's pretty but can't see me wearing much but on the nail it's a different matter, it's rich, vibrant and perfect for winter and I'd say for those long summer evenings.

I was still waiting for some sun to appear so that I could do swatches of Missha HGR01 featured in my previous post but there ain't any sun, so will leave that till there is!

Also I wanted to wear this today after doing a quick try on one finger yesterday. Not having anything like this ( I don't think!),I thought it'd cheer me up on this dark grey day.

For the swatch I did three coats but could have done four as it is very sheer, excuse bald spots near cuticle (and my yet again very dry hands).

Below pictures with flash:

As there is no sun, I took a couple of photo's under my kitchen spotlight which has a similar effect and shows up the shimmer beautifully:

The sun then threatened to pop through a cloud but wimped out, so these are natural daylight:

Being sheer I decided on my other thumb to try it layered over another of the polishes in the collection, Emerald Black and it definitely gave it more depth, but is more evident in real life, this was 2 coats Emerald Black and one of Golden Green, with flash:

So what do you think? Do you like this one? I most certainly do, and my next one that I managed to swatch quickly yesterday is Aqua Violet, which I will show next post. xxx

EDIT!!!: I have vaguely managed to capture the beautiful green that you can see at low angles but photo is very underexposed and fuzzy, but you get a better idea of the colour at least! 



  1. Gorgeous! I love the tones, and your pictures have captured the variations perfectly. I think I like this more than Chanel Peridot, but perhaps I am in the minority.

  2. Thankyou Melli, I actually prefer this to Peridot too! I need to really try to get another picture of the really bright green that is present too, but the flash bleached out and it was too dark without flash. Need that sun!

  3. These types of shades look great on you! I still wouldn't wear them myself though. Just like to look. xx

  4. In some lights, this really reminds me of Butter London's Wallis, so glad I bought this now! and thanks so much for the swatches, they are few and far between for the beetlejuice collection at the mo!

  5. Pretty <3 Can't wait to see the rest on you xx

  6. Haha! Adding to what you said - I think this could replace Peridot! Looks like a more interesting color anyway :o) Great post! Thanks for doing these great swatches.

  7. Gorgeous! This one is my favourite too, it's just so vibrant!

  8. I ordered some of these on Tuesday too - hopefully I'll receive them tomorrow! All these pictures just make me all the more excited!

  9. Thankyou for all your comments ladies, nice to see people are still interested in my blog!

    Mihaela - lovely lovely duochromes, need I say more?

    Sara - I had been toying with the idea of getting Wallis as I really wanted it but the postage fees take the you know what! Pretty sure I could franken it from this and another polish! But would need it to see.

    Rebecca - thankyou my dear, once these are done it's Missha especially for you but need sun to see it in all it's glory,maybe tomorrow if sun is out!

    bmwmchick - I defintiely prefer this to Peridot and it's cheaper for backup!

    Nazia - it looks so much betteron nails, I nearly bashed into a lamppost earlier whilst looking at my nails!

    Sophie - you won't be disappointed, will swatch others when I get the chance.


  10. Such great nail polishes! Gives me real cravings. I gotta grow my nails out again so I can start wearing nail polish, i really miss it! Fantastic pictures!

  11. There are some brilliant colours there - The green is really nice. I would also like to see the purply colour ( second on right)in action as that looks very interesting too

  12. Thankyou Eye Graffiti & Paul, they are really pretty, very glad I have them!