Monday, November 7, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Pinky Brown nail polish

Hello everyone, hope you had a good weekend, I had early birthday celebrations in London at the weekend so didn't get the chance to post this. (I tried on Friday but my laptop was playing up.)

This is the third of my Beetle juice collection - Pinky Brown, a beautiful microglitter polish that is very sparkly. I will get straight on with the photos. For the swatch I did four thin coats, but you can do two or three thicker coats without any bubbling issues as I tried on different fingers.

Below in sunlight (direct bright sunlight and partial sunlight), with a closeup to see the sparkle (sorry out of focus!).

In natural daylight, no sun:

With flash: 

Under bright warm toned spotlight:

As you can see from the photo's it is a beautiful colour and there will probably be the inevitable comparisons to Orly's Space Cadet. So I did a little comparison for you, I also compared it to Pink Spice by Accessorize. 

Here they are in the bottle - Orly Space Cadet, Models Own, and Accossorize Pink Spice:

The microglitter present in the Orly and Models Own is identical in colour but slightly more purple than the Accessorize colour.


Below from left to right - Pink Spice, Pinky Brown and Space Cadet: 

You can see how they differ on the nail in colour but all have the same finish, very sparkly but grown up sparkle!

You can see how the actual base colour is different in the below sunlight pictures. Pinky Brown has an orange base, Pinky Brown has brown and Space Cadet has green. The Space Cadet and Pinky Brown are both different enough to probably own both, but in certain lights they almost look identical. If anything the Pinky Brown is like a cross between Space Cadet and Pink Spice:

I really like this Beetlejuice colour and am very glad I have it, especially now I did the comparison to the other two. It's a perfect autumnal colour! The warm brown base balances the cool pink microglitter perfectly. 

Hope you've liked this one and hopefully later I will get the Purple Blue swatch posted later for you. xxx


  1. Sorry forgot to add that Pinky Brown is sheer enough to layer over another colour, I want to try it at some point over purple or brown! x

  2. oooh i like the idea of layering over another colour! this is a lovely shade, very autunmy!

  3. This is a very unique polish. I love how it looks on you! My nails are as short as yours now because I broke one and had to cut them all. Now we can grow them together!xx

  4. I wasn't sure about this shade but love the look of it in your pics! Great swatches, thanks for these.

    Nic x

  5. Thankyou ladies. xx

    Charlie - I think it'll save polish by perhaps layering over a colour the same or similar as the base colour, or trying to slightly change it with another colour, I will do some experimenting and perhaps do a post.

    Mihaela - I'm so annoyed my nails keep breaking, I think the change in weather has affected them and my hands are really dry too,not good!

    Nic - it really is pretty, much prettier than in the bottle, it looks quite pink in bottle but the duochrome really comes out in bright light. My photo's didn't really capture the colour change as well as I'd hoped.

  6. Wow, loved the colors! I love these glazes duocrhome. Your blog is amazing, I wish many glazes. Too bad it does not sell here in Brazil: (

  7. Lalli - you might be able to get from their website, I checked and they post internationally but at a cost of £9.95 and you also have to spemd over £20.

    £1GBP = 2.85 BRL at time of writing this.

    Models Own website info page:

    Hope this helps, and Ilove duochromes too. xx

  8. the more i see your swatches of this collection the more i want them :(

  9. I've seen a lot bloggers reviewed these models own polishes, and I get real keen on them!

  10. Again, i need all of these in my collection! Really need to try models own!
    Lucy x

  11. Sorry for late replies again people ( must sort my life out!) thankyou again, so pleased these swatches are being of use to you all.

    Ths collection is really pretty and so pleased it is going to be permanent, as the Aqua Violet and Golden Green are lovely.

    Lucy - you should really try Models OWn for the price they are good quality, and have a good range of colours. The Pro Range they offer is 3FREE so good for those that want to avoid chemical nasties!

  12. This colour looks really pretty, i also own Pink Spice, but was a little disappointed with it, didn't have as but brown/bronze as I thought it would. Great Swatches!
    Incense and Peppermints

  13. Thankyou Hollie,it's almost similar to the Blue Purple that I will get roud to posting!

    Everyone's been so busy on their blogs that I need to catch up! xx

  14. Wow great photography!! Great job lady x

  15. Looks gorgeous I love the natural light pic the duo chrome looks amazing.

  16. Thankyou ReeRee, I have great fun doing my photos!

    Thankyou Beauxs Mom, it looks so much better in real life.

  17. Thanks so much for the comparison between Pinky Brown and Space Cadet, trying to make a hard decision for this week's sale and this Really helped <3