Thursday, November 3, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Aqua Violet nail polish

Hello lovely followers, thankyou for the lovely comments on my previous offering of the Beetlejuice Collection. This next one is Aqua Violet, originally the one I was most interested in seeing as I loved the idea of purple with a lighter blue. 

Sorry forgot to do my usual bottle picture but will add one! You can see it below, its the first bottle on far left:


As with Golden Green I did three coats and this covered well, there again wasn't much sun yesterday when I put this on, so apologies for darker pictures in order to catch the colour shift.

These photo's were in natural light with flash and you can see the violet near the cuticles and the beautiful aqua near the tips on the first and the brilliant bright aqua blue in the second with a violet accent on the sides. It is so pretty and has a subtle shimmer.

There was a hint of sunshine yesterday for about two minutes and had to do the best I could to take any photos. These are not too bad and I think the closeup shows the light blue shimmer particles quite well.

A lower angle to show the violet:

The rest of the photo's were taken in natural light by which time any hint of sunshine had long gone and this was the best I could get!

This has been my second favourite of the bunch, mainly because I don't really have any colours like this (or the Golden Green)!

I am still deciding which to do next, but the rest I have colours similar and will need to get those out to do comparison swatches. So until tomorrow, enjoy! xxx


  1. This is sooo pretty *squeals*
    Beetlejuice collection to top it off? Oh my, why don't I have this yet?? :D

  2. This one reminds me of Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal! Must buy it!!! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  3. (sorry if this is a double post!)

    Your photos are amazing. You really manage to capture all the nuances. You put my camera 'skills' to shame! Great job =)

  4. This (again) is the first good quality, thorough swatch & review I've seen, it would be brilliant if you could do purple blue next, but which ever I can't thank you enough for putting it up in the first place!

    Quick question: What is the dry time like with these? and would you recommend layering over a darker colour, or are multiple coats better?

  5. So pretty! I want them all, I love beetlejuice!

  6. I love it! The color shift is so strong. ^_^

  7. Amazing photographing skills as usual! This goes on my wishlist! xx

  8. Wow, thankyou ladies, wasn't expecting to wake up to lots of comments!

    Melli - we don't really get a lot of Sally Hansen polishes in the UK, and they are the usual standard colours, there are a few in the Boots near me but not a large range of intersting ones!

    Sara - thankyou for your lovely comment. The drying time is pretty good on all of these as they are sheer and need building up. (I actually prefer polihes like this generally as I am a mum and have to be able to drop everything a t a moments notice,unless the weekend and them my husband can deal with thte children ;-)). They would be perfect for layering, if you see my Golden Green post I layered that over the dark green of this collection and I think made it better. You can really change the way they look. I will be experimenting over darker colours for sure.

    Rie - I really hope yours come, your nails will do them far more justice than mine!

    Mihaela - you need to get them!


  9. Excuse my terrible spelling, trying to type quickly with a little girl trying to fall asleep on me!!!

  10. Ooooo these look lovely I was thinking of gettin this colour the other day! It looks like petrol! Great post gonna go check out ur golden green one now

  11. Oh my! This looks very much like the Ozotic 505 that I just posted on!

  12. I love this colour! It's very pretty and your swatches are amazing, you've managed to capture the colours perfectly!

  13. Susan - just had a look at your 505 post and yes it does look like it , love the 528 you did too!

    Thankyou Rebecca! xx

    Thankyou Dinky, it's not too bad getting photos,I just had to wait forever for a tiny bit of light on an incredibly dull day!

  14. WOOOOOOOOW _ That is a stunningly gorgeous colour !! Absolutely love the twotone colours
    Great piccies again !

  15. Pretty, Like this one alot. Sooo jel lol :-) x

  16. This is definitely my fave of the lot - gorgeous!!

  17. Thankyou Ladies, I was really looking forward to getting this one too, and it lived up to my expectations!