Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missha - HGR01 nail polish

This my followers is one of the most beautiful polishes I own, I've had it for quite some time now and only now getting round to posting it. After saying I would keep the Calvin Klein polish on, the sun was out and I just knew it'd be cloudy today so I took advantage to swatch it. There are quite a few photo's but it's so lovely you need them!

Missha is a Korean brand that you can't get hold of in the UK, and this came from Ebay. It is also in the most lovely bottle, with a heart shape that is follows on the whole bottle and a nice perspex lid, like this:

For the swatch I did two coats but really could have done with three. The brush is very wide but don't let this put you off - those with a small nail could find a spare brush to use. You can see the shimmer in the photo's and also that it can cause slight brushstrokes but when you're moving hands about no-one can notice!

On with LOTS of photo's!

In sunlight:

In natural light, no flash:

In natural light with flash:


Isn't she a beauty? Missha HGR01 is everything I had wanted Chanel Peridot to be, the duochrome is much stronger in HGR01 than Peridot.

I thought I'd take a couple of photo's with some other not too disimilar polishes including Chanel Peridot, first with flash and then without, and from left to right;

Models Own - Golden Green, Missha - HGR01, Chanel - Peridot and Boots 17 - Fury:

You can also see Missha HGR01 under Sephora OPI Blasted Red

But what you really need to see is that I've actually made Chanel Peridot from a mixture of this Missha HGR01 and Boots 17 - Fury that you can see in photo above:

HGR01 + Fury = Peridot! 

So I hope you have liked this gorgeous nai polish and if you can seek it out do try and get it, not that I'm encouraging you or anything!

I am now off to pop some more paracetamol to ease my sinus pain. Bye! XXX


  1. I love how these types of polishes look on you! I don't think they would suit my skin tone but love to look.x

  2. Ohhh so glad you finally posted this one alone, so pretty <3 and hope you feel better soon chicky <3 xxx

  3. This is such an amazing colour, absolutely beautiful! x

  4. Thankyou ladies, sorry for late replies, I so love duochromes and holographic polishes ( but lack the holos a bit!.

    Thankyou Rebecca. xx

  5. What a gorgeous green!! I love it!

  6. Thankyou Marijo, I think this would look amazing on your skin colour and think you should seek it out!xx

  7. I just had to tell you, I keep coming back to this post to look at the pretty green!!! Love it

  8. Thankyou Tina, its such a lovely colour and so glad I have got it. I think I may redo the photo's im summer when my skin is darker as it'll look even better!