Monday, November 28, 2011

Comparison Post: Nars Purple Rain and W7 Purple Paradise

I thought I'd do a quick comparison post for you today showing Nars Purple rain and a very close colour to it, in the form of W7 Purple Paradise. I did think a couple of weeks ago that in the bottle they would be dupes but on the nail they are very slightly different.

Tee Dee over at Cute-Tickles has done a lovely post with the W7 Purple Paradise, and I said they were dupes in the comments, which is why I did this post, but lo and behold they aren't, I apologise to anyone who may have thought that they were because of me!

W7's Purple Paradise has a much warmer tone that the Nars Purple Rain which in turn has larger blue shimmer particles and is also much darker round the edges.

From left to right in sunlight - Nars, W7, Nars, W7:

 Left - Nars, right - W7 (in sunlight and close up):

Same again at different angle in sunlight:

At this low angle it is harder to tell the difference between them, left to right - Nars, W7, Nars:

 Under warm tone bright kitchen spotlight, left to right - Nars, W7, Nars, W7:

 In same order in natural light with flash:

In natural light without flash, again same order as previous photos:

In real life the difference is harder to tell than in these photos though, so if you were looking for a cheaper option to the Nars one then why not try the W7, I got mine from Amazon. As far as I know the W7 is not free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, whereas the Nars is, so that could be a deciding factor for you. 

Hope this has been of use to you! xxx


  1. Very very similar, I can't really tell the difference. W7 purple paradise I think is one of the nicest purples I own. Great comparision x

  2. Great colour, off to order the W7 one to try out I think! x

  3. Thankyou ladies, the W7 really is a brilliant alternative, it's much harder to tell on the nail when going about your everyday business. Only when you have close ups like this in very bright light can you really tell difference.xx

  4. I love the W7 polishes its just finding them instores!! xx

  5. The nearest place to me Amy is always sold out, I think they are readily available online though. x

  6. These look gorgeous again. Mega jealous of your nail polish collection still!


  7. Luce no need to be jealous! it's tiny compared to others collections, and I mean tiny!! xx

  8. Even if it's not a dupe it's still a very pretty colour on it's own!

  9. Good comparison. I prefer the W7 (: x

  10. Great comparison Esther, the W7 looks like a great substitute for the Nars, I have yet to try either of these brands xx

  11. Thankyou ladies!

    Jen- you are very right, I think if you are a very fussy nail fanatic they're different enough!

    LaaLaa - the W7 defintiely has a warmer tone compared to the Nars in bright light, but it is so close!

    Rebecca - The W7 are not 3 free as far as I know, but they're are surprisingly good quality and very cheap compared to Nars.