Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Calvin Klein (ck) Splendid Color nail polish - Bombshell

Well after all those duochromes in the Beetlejuice collection I decided to go for a simple creme polish for this post! Today I'm doing one of my Calvin Klein polishes that I picked up in my hometown of Ipswich, you can see the others by clicking here. 

For the swatch I did one thin layer, another thicker layer and then another thinner layer all topped off with a thick layer of Revlon topcoat. This does still leave visible nail line after two coats, but I dont mind this, so if I were to apply again , I will probably only use two instead of three.

On with the photos's...

Under bright warmish tone kitchen spotlight, no flash:

In bright sunlight:

Inside with no flash:

Inside with flash:

I really like this colour and was debating whether to get a backup, but to be honest I'm pretty sure there are loads of colours out there like this, I was in Boots earlier and I'd say this is a cross between Revlon ALl Fired Up and Revlon Cherries in The Snow, but you could go either way and still be near enough. 

Below is Revlon All Fired Up next to the CK polish, and you can see that it definitely is more pinkish in tone than the Revlon:

Under different light conditions in can range from coral looking to dusky pink, which is why I like it. It's typical that as I wanted to keep this on for more than one day that the sun has decided to pop out, so I'm still unsure whether to get more sparkly polish swatches done....

Nah! I'll keep it on, I put it on yesterday and no tipwear yet. Guaranteed cloud tomorrow. 

Anyway I'll be back with a quick post on what I received in a polish swap from the lovely Sharon who does the blog Behind Green Eyes. I was so excited as she included a polish I've wanted for ages and never been able to find!


  1. This looks like a great red, I seen a few CK polish sets in my TK Maxx a while back but never picked any up :(

  2. This looks so pretty on you Esther! I was looking at some pictures on Pinterest the other day and saw some great red nails. I'm looking for that perfect red myself, but have not found it yet.x

  3. Rebecca - oh no! I couldnt resist snapping them up in Ipswich as the TKMaxx nearest to me (Brighton) always sells out of stuff, never anything! I didn't think to check the TKMAxx in Ipswich, you've just given me an idea!

    Mihaela - Thankyou, I really think cremes look better on me than glitters! I really need to sort out the Pinterest thing and invite you sent, just getting enough time in the day! I struggle to find good reds, as my skin tone is quite yellow and if too orange look hideous!

  4. What a lovely pink, looks great on you!