Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vivo Cosmetics Review - Baked Shimmer Palette, Radiant Boost Highlighter and Shimmer/Shine Lipgloss

I was kindly sent from new brand Vivo (who do a line of cosmetics exclusive to Tesco), a few products to review - Radiant Boost highlighter, Shimmer & Shine lip gloss in Just Peachy, and a Baked Shimmer palette in colour Chocolate Box.

I'll start off with a bit about what Vivo say about their brand: 

Vivo cosmetics are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new cosmetics line which celebrates being 'alive with colour'. Exclusive to Tesco the sensational on-trend collection, benchmarked as the Mac of supermarket makeup brands, includes a range of stylised makeup essentials for all beauty junkies. For the first time ever VIVO brings catwalk inspired looks to the convenience of the supermarket but without the hefty price tag .

I'll start off with the highlighter and lipgloss first:

The lipgloss was a really pretty colour in the tube and I was worried that being that classic rose gold colour it wouldn't show up on my lips. But my lips are fairly pigmented and pink naturally anyway and it added a pretty shimmer to my lips without feeling too sticky, the colour was a bit more peachy but there was no sunlight to show this and I had to use flash. I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of lipgloss generally but this did leave my lips soft, for those who do like lip gloss it retails at £1.99 and I'd say is a bit of a bargain.

The highlighter (£3.59) is is intended to highlight cheeks and browbone. It is quite a quick setting highlighter so you have to work quickly but it lasted all day on me yesterday when I put a bit round the nose and on cheekbone. It does say on packaging it'll cover dark circles but I'm afraid it's too pink for my olive skin. If Vivo were to do a yellow toned highlighter I'd  buy as this lasted so well in my skin - think Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer. (If you have more mature skin with a few lines, I'd say to moisturise well before application.) Overall a great product though, impressed and I'm a TOUGH to please customer.

As well as the highlighter and lipgloss I was sent a Baked Shimmer which retails at £6.00, it has one blusher and four eyeshadows. The packaging is surprisingly robust despite the price and has a mirror in the lid. I like the way there are little windows to see the products when closed:

Normally I avoid anything baked as I find them not pigmented enough for my skin and I have to put a million layers on just to build up colour, ( I have trouble with the old Bourjois eyeshadows and blushers which are slightly less troublesome to name an example), but when I quickly wiped my finger over one of the eyeshadows I was surprised at how much was on my finger and how soft they were. 'Hello', I thought, 'I might just get along with these!'

One thing I do love about baked products is the way they look, and the Vivo ones were so pretty, I did closeup photos and they look like little planets or something you'd find taken by the Hubble telescope! Just look at them, please click to enlarge the photos. The eye swatches were taken with flash, as no sunlight at time of taking.




As I thought, I got on really well with these colours. I'm sure there are other good baked products out there but I was put off when they didn't work first time, and  I think this lovely palette  has made me change my mind, I'd quite like to try the Divine palette. There is sight fallout but I can live with that as they are very nice, my favourite is the last colour.

The blusher was also spot on and really pigmented, I only needed a tiny amount to give my cheeks a pretty pink flush but theres enough of the brown to keep it neutral in colour so would suit all skin tones.

Look at this gorgeous pink planet blusher!

The swatches here are done without flash on left and with on right.

As Vivo are a new brand they are not in all Tesco's and unfortunately there are no Tesco's which stock any near me, which is why I was sent some to review (thankyou Kerry!). To see an online store would be brillant for those who live too far from a Tesco, hint hint!

As a brand overall I would love to try the other products, Kerry also sent me a lot of informaton about the other products in their line and they do look good. I've always been a bit funny about really cheap brands, but nowadays I think they've really upped their game to contend with the luxury brands, and long may it continue.

This is a list of other product and prices from Vivo: 

  • Trio eyeshadow - £2.50
  • Pearl eyeshadow - £1.50
  • Matte eyeshadow - £1.50
  • Volume mascara - £2.59
  • Lengthening mascara - £1.50
  • Curve effect mascara - £3.00
  • Kohl eyeliner -  £1.50
  • Liquid liner - £2.50
  • Eyebrow pencil -  £1.50 
  • Ultimate eyebrow kit - £5.00
  • False lashes- £2- £4
  • Lipstick - £1.99
  • Diamond Lipgloss - £1.50
  • Blush/highlighter duo - £2.39
  • Pressed powder compact - £2.39
  • Mattifying loose powder - £3.00
  • Highlighter- £5.00
  • Primer - £6.00
  • Undereye roll on concealer- £3.59
  • Ultimate base concealer- £5.00
  • Matte foundation - £2.59
  • Bronzer - £4.00
  • Baked blush - £4.00
  • baked bronzer - £5.00
If you find these do give them a try, I'm always on the lookout for new foundations and would like to see what colour skintones they cater for, so watch this space in case I do come across them!



  1. the lipsgloss looks really nice on you, and I'm loving those baked eyeshadows so pretty!

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