Sunday, October 16, 2011

Revlon nail polish - Kiwizing.

Ladies, I told you I'd be back with another lovely post featuring a duochrome, my very favourite kind of nail polishes. This particular nail polish was released by Revlon about 20 million years ago, way before I was into nail polish in a big way! I found this on Ebay and was a bit reluctant to put it on as it's said on bottle 'made in EEC'. I remember when the EEC was the EEC before becoming the EC in 1993 (and then the EU as it is currently).

But I was having a Twitter conversation with the lovely Kirsten from Glitta Gloves
who said it's generally fine as long as they've been stored properly. So I decided rather than looking at the lovely colour in the bottle to put it on, and I'm glad I did. It is a sort of greyish purple that flashes the most amazing green and gold in different light. There was also a sort of weird coppery colour that I just could not capture. (At first when putting it on, I thought of Orly's Space Cadet but it's not as sparkly as that, and Space Cadet doesn't have the greyish tinge.)

I shall now let the photo's do the talking, there are lots, enjoy! and one last bottle pic at end. ( This was 3 coats of polish with a base coat.)

Should you want one ladies, you may be able to still get one from this Ebay Seller:

There were four left at last count, I'm not going to get a back up to give you lovelies a chance of owning one! 


  1. Lovely duochrome! and you captured it so well <3 xx

  2. I love this! You can truly call it a multichrome because of so many colors it flashes. Good job with the pictures! xx

  3. Ah yeah... I remember the EEC (I'm a dinosaur after all). This one must be a real antiquity! No one makes strinking duochrome like this one anymore. Sometimes I wonder where all those great duochrome color have gone. I'm tempted to buy it (you bet!). Are there any horrible old chemicals in this beauty?

  4. Thankyou ladies, lots of pictures so you can see the changes!

    Nathalie - how are you? Recovering well I hope. There are no ingredients on the bottle but I know Revlon stopped using the nasty 3 in the early 90's so could well be ok. Maybe if you put a decent basecoat? It is worth having even to look at the bottle. xx

  5. Thankyou MariJo! Isn't it gorgeous? I love it too, but it is quite old so make sure I out plenty of basecoat on to protect my nails first!