Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Revlon Expressionists Collection - Starry Pink and Blue Mosaic.

You may have read my earlier posts about two nail polishes which were part of the Expressionists collection, these were the beautiful Facets of Fuchsia and different but equally lovely Smoky Canvas (links at bottom of post!).

Only Facets of Fuchsia and Smoky Canvas were released in the UK but those lucky enough to reside in the US had the chance to buy Starry Pink and Blue Mosaic. Now, I have no idea why Revlon release lots of absolutely fantastic colours in the US but hardly any here in comparison. It's a real shame as I find the formula and price very agreeable.

I had to seek out Blue Mosaic on Ebay via a lovely lady called Leah Ann, who sells all things nail beauty related but she also has her own website to buy from:
Whilst I was bidding on Blue Mosaic, I thought it might be worth asking if she had Starry Pink, and sure enough she did and was kind enough to send me one at a very good price. (Leah Ann was also who I bought my Revlon Masquerade collection items through.)

My Expressionist Collection is now complete, and I'm very pleased. 

L-R: Smoky Canvas, Facets of Fuchsia, Blue Mosaic, Starry Pink

When I first saw Starry Pink, I was a bit like 'mmm, not sure this is going to suit me' but once on nail it was gorgeous. Now compared to Facets Of Fuchsia and Blue Mosaic the base is a watered down creme and so the glitter is very subdued and not quite as reflective of light. I have no idea why but I can imagine a bride who's slightly unconventional wearing this!

Anyway on with the photos! These swatches were three coats, and yes removal was a pain in the arse, if you'll pardon my language (love to wear, hate to remove!).

In sunlight.

The Blue Mosaic was the most difficult to spread properly due to the sheer volume of glitter in it, much more than Facets Of Fuchsia or Starry Pink. I had to lay the brush almost flat on my nail to avoid wiping it all off again!I think I should have used a hoof stick to shape properly around the cuticles whilst still wet as it looks a bit messy being a clear jelly base.

Blue Mosaic - check out the sparkle! There's a fair bit of green glitter that has shown up dark but it's there and very pretty. In love with this!

In sunlight

I'm going to wear Blue Mosaic on Christmas day to match my tinsel and baubles!!

(My 4 year old wanted me to take pictures of these at Christmas last year if you're wondering why I've got pictures of tinsel/baubles!!)

Sorry I didn't get more pictures of these  but the sun was out for about 30 seconds I kid you not and has now disappeared for winter. Ho Hum, at least it's not hot.

See Smoky Canvas.

See Facets of Fuchsia 

Until next time ladies! xx


  1. Wow! This collection is truly great. Can't wait to receive mine! xx

  2. Blue Mosaic looks amazing! I've never tried any Revlon polishes before but maybe I'll have to after seeing that beauty!

  3. Mihaela, all posted out to you. xx

    Sophie, you should try them, Revlon are one of my favourite brands for nail polish, good quality for price!