Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nubar nail polish - Reclaim

Let me introduce you to Reclaim from Nubar, quite possibly the most beautiful holographic nail polish going. It's a beautiful green/turquoise colour and applies like a dream. In terms of formula and application, this is probably my favourite brand. 

It is also favoured by men, Rebecca (from the brilliant blog Pandora's Nails!) and I were discussing this on Twitter the other day, saying about how our partners liked it. My conclusion was that the men liked it because a) it's not pink but green, b) it's not sparkly and c) it's holographic so therefore sounds a bit scientific. 

Anyway on with the photos, no need to waffle anymore, until next post. This swatch was two coats and removal very easy. Had this on for 3 days before any tipwear and no chips, brilliant! xx

With flash in natural light:

In natural light:

Close up in artificial light:

 Under direct sunlight: where it really does come into it's own!


  1. I love this on you and I still love your 'why men like this polish' theory :p xx