Friday, October 7, 2011

Nars nail polish - Night Flight

Whilst my friend was picking up Illamasqua's Faux Pas for me, I also asked her to see if she could find Nars Night Flight for me too ( I did pay her I hasten to add!!).

Nars Night Flight is a limited edition nail polish from their Night series, they also do they Night series eyeshadows (very nice!). It is described on the website as black with cobalt blue pearls, but it's essentially a navy that looks black in some light and shimmery blue in others, but there is a bit of cheeky purple glitter in there,which makes me LOVE it.

It is very pigmented and I could have got away with one coat but I prefer thinner coats, so did two (which is why there is slight bubbling, too lazy to wait for it to dry properly!). This lasted as most polishes do on me about two days before tip wear but no chipping. I didn't have a top coat on and removal was very easy.

Below is in natural light but quite dark as it was gloomy! 

The following photos are in sunlight and with a close up at end so you can see the shimmer.

Navy is going to be huge this autumn, and it's always been one of my favourite colours especially if it leans to a more royal blue. If you worked in a slightly less conservative environment I think you could get away with wearing it.

If you like navy I'd get it before it sells out, because it's lovely!


  1. Ooh it's GORGEOUS. I love the shimmer! I love navy, it suits every nail shape :)

  2. It is seriously nice, it can look flat or shimmery depending on light but I like that .

    Have cut my nails now, way too long in these photos!

  3. I adore this colour! :)
    Lucy x

  4. That colour is amazing! Love it :) x

  5. Wow! This is stunning! I own the Night Flight eyeshadow, and I love it :D