Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail Polish Haul - some right bargains!

Hello all, hope you've been well. I managed to get over a stomach bug just in time for my brother's wedding on Saturday and to have a little bit of a hunt around Ipswich town for some nail goodies beforehand.

I was really pleased that the little discount cosmetics shop that I used to frequent is still going strong and it had a wall full of polishes, I was very good and didn't go too mad.
This is what I got: CK nail polishes in colours from left to right- Bombshell, Tutu, Navy Sparkle, Madly Mauve and Opus.

I did the above photo with flash so you can see the sparkle but below is how they are in natural light:

I also got a couple of Sinful Colors nail polishes in Rich in Heart and Secret Admirer:

The CK and Sinful colours were for a total price of £14.50, not bad eh? Although not sure how much CK polishes or Sinful Colours usually retail for, perhaps someone could enlighten me!
And last but not least I got from Boots a couple of Boots 17 polishes in a silvery/light gold crackle (doesn't have a name that I can see) and a lovely gold colour Fury (which I think may have a hint of green duochrome in):

I wore Fury for my brothers wedding, it was easy to put on (in the car!) and dried super quickly, so was very pleased with that. 

I can't wait to try out all the others, but first I have promised to show the Missha polish without the crackle on. This may take a few days to do as yet again my nail broke so off they came!

Until then I will probably do a post on some new foundations I have been using which are quite frankly brilliant.... xxx


  1. Love the CK's, especially the glittery one and the one in the middle. I'm crazy about glitter lately. I didn't know you had Sinful Colors in the UK. I like the many fun colors they come in but there's no chance of finding them here. Welcome back!xx

  2. Lovely looking polishes, can't wait to see them on you. I have Fury and loved it on to be honest <3 xx

  3. thankou ladies! xx

    Mihaela, I have never seen these in the UK before but Ipswich is pretty good for having cheap shops that sell all the obscure stuff, I need to shift those shops down my way. Although I love near Brighton a major UK place, it's pretty poor for polishes, unless a big brand.

    Rebecca - after seeing Fury on your blog I knew I had to have it, I've I could mix Fury with the duochrome Missha from previous post you'd almost get Chanel Peridot, major post when the nails grow again!

  4. what terrible english, I meant if I could mix...tired after weekend!

  5. Oooh, I didn't even know that CK made polish. They all look really fabulous!

  6. Hi Rie, I didn't either! They were placed up high on the display and didn't see the cap till I took them down, and I was like 'Calvin Klein do nail polish?'!! I had a quick try of each of the colours on a nail each and the disparity between the pigmentation bothers me. Bombshell could well be a one coater, but the others are quite sheer.

    The sinful colours are compltely opaque in 2 coats. Once my silly nails ahve re-grown massive swatch-fest coming up!

  7. I need your nail polish collection :P
    Lucy xx

  8. ck is maybe the polish god! what awesome colours, I'm jealous of you!

  9. I own two ck nail polishes Emerald green and indigo sparkle I think they're called (they're not to hand, lol) I think someone said the ck polishes were like £16 each when they came out!

  10. Thankyou ladies for you lovely comments. xx

    Lucy - it's nowhere near as big or amazing as some peoples, I know of some bloggers who have over 2000! x

    EyeGraffiti - The colours are really pretty, was surprised when I went back to my hometown to see them there to be honest!

    Dinkys - wow were they that much? I honestly didn't even realsie CK did them. I'm sending my mum back again this week for more as she asked what I'd like for my birthday, so may as well get those, I think they had those.

  11. Oh, great haul and your Peridot franken looks spot on, well done!

  12. Having just started with reading our blog, did I read right and you purchased these in Ipswich!

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