Monday, October 3, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo's - Purple(234), Candy(228) and Black(236).

I've been trying to get my mitts on these for a while now,  they are quite difficult to get in the UK as they are an American brand. The one that most people covet is Black, and looking at the photo below it's easy to see why.

Rebecca who does the great blog Pandora's Nails was selling these on Ebay so I took the chance to get them. These are made for layering over other colours but I have swatched them on my nails and shown a close up without any other colour underneath.

L-R: Purple, Candy and Black

My favourite of the three I have though is the Candy, its a super bright fluorescent orange/pink jelly with small holographic glitter. This makes me all nostalgic for the 80's when I was a little girl and all things fluorescent were huge. Love it!  The glitter is quite subtle even if the colour isn't.

Next is the purple and it is easier to see the also small sized glitter in. Again this is in a jelly base. This looks so much sheerer on the nail than it does in the bottle compared to Candy.

This is the colour that everyone loves. It has small round glitter and large hexagonal holographic glitter in a dark brown jelly base that looks like it has a touch of creme to it, as it's not as sheer in base as the other two.

I am going to have fun experimenting with these and I already tried Candy over Boots No7 Cheeky Chops. The effect is so bright you could almost guide aeroplanes in with these fingers! See below although this photo doesn't really do it justice. Neither do my dry hands!!

In bright sunlight.

Hopefully I will be able to try the Purple and Black over dark colours when this silly hot weather goes away. It's October for goodness sake!


  1. I love your post on these, that pink looks great on you! Can't wait to see the other combos you come up with :D xx

  2. Those colors look great! And I love the pink one (I have it too).

  3. These colours are gorgeous!
    Lucy x

  4. that pink jelly Candy looks amazing! love it ♥

  5. Thankyou ladies, the Candy polish is certainly wearable on its own I think compared to the others. So pleased I now have it!