Thursday, October 20, 2011

Illamasqua nail polish - Viridian (+ Nubar 2010, L'Oreal 734 & Claire's Cosmetics.)

Hello Ladies, I've been meaning to swatch this Illamasqua polish for a while, my lovely friend bought this for me and she keeps asking to see it but I've been a bit slack. Actually that's not true, I did try and swatch it a couple of weeks ago but by the time I got round to trying to photo that day, the sun went in and I'd chipped it, sorry Caroline!

This polish is one of those lovely peacock greens that are quite popular at the moment, and I really like this one. At first I though it was the same as Models Own - Peacock Green, see the comparison in bottle below, however Viridian is just a bit more towards a dark green:

I did three thin coats for this swatch, and used Revlon clear topcoat. Viridian has lots of blue and light green shimmer in a dark green base, I prefer this colour to the Models Own Peacock green as I think its a bit darker and therefore suits my skin colour better.

The following two photos are in direct sunlight but slightly different angles to see how different it can look:

 This was with flash under natural light: You can see a bit of tipwear already!

 This was in natural light:

After not very long at all, I'd already started to get tipwear even with a topcoat, although I didn't do the very ends along the edge, as I normally do.

By day two of this manicure it was getting pretty bad, but as Caroline paid a lot for this I wasn't going to take off straight away so decided to experiment a bit, especially after seeing the ideas Rie from Nails and Noms has come up with for her 31 day challenge.

It's a bit messy but looked better in real life than in these photos! 

I tried to sponge on a bit of L'Oreal 734 black red, Nubar 2010 and then a bit of Claire's cosmetics glitter with no name, but can see bottle at end of this post: click here! .

Removal of this was not too bad as there were only a few bits of glitter and I think Viridian is generally an easy polish to remove.

Caroline I hope you have liked reading this whilst sunning yourself up in Portugal!! xxx

Ladies, I hope you have liked this too and I will be back very soon with some amazing polish I bought from a-england, I bought two but will be showing Avalon, the most gorgeous purple, and will do Perceval (red) in another post. xxx


  1. I love that Illamasqua but that sponging is just so amazing!!! Love the colours you chose for it chicky! And that close up of it is unreal!! xxx

  2. I hope I can get my hands on some Illamasqua pretty soon cause these sure are gorgeous! Looks great on you! xx

  3. Hot nail polish alert! I love Viridian, I think it's one of the nicer and more complex greens out there.

    Love what you did with the sponging too - I'm crap at nail art even though I'm a nail polish ho!

  4. wow - love your blog - great articles and superb photos

  5. The sponging turned out beautifully! And I love that last macro shot. ^_^

  6. So, so pretty! I have similar colours to this which, for some reason, I rarely wear (shame on me). Love the end mani :)

  7. You are all so kind, I couldnt bear to remove the Viridian so thought I may as well jazz it up a bit! I'm quite proud of that last photo took ages to get it right! There's still a bit of reflection though.

    Paul - it's lovely to have a man on board! welcome. xx

  8. Gorgeous colours, again as normal! :P I'm jealous of your nail polishes! :)
    Lucy x

  9. No need to be jealous Lucy, I don't have too many posh ones!! xxx

  10. These color combinations are amazing! These are my favorite nails I have seen in a while