Monday, October 24, 2011

a-england nail polish - Perceval

Hello, back again this lovely Monday afternoon with the second a-england polish I bought, this time Perceval. If you didn't see the first one I posted about -  Avalon see here .

Perceval is a beautiful rich red that positively glows. It has a shimmer that is neither too much or too little, it is both classy and sexy. Not many polishes can make that claim.

I have always wanted a red like this but never found one that quite lives up to my high standards and believe me I have looked over the years. I thought I may have found it in E.L.F's Red Velvet but even that was not what I wanted and normally go for deep reddy browns for this reason.

Then looking on the a-england website I saw Perceval and knew I had to have it. You can see in the picture below taken in natural light with no flash that it has a lot of depth to it:

 This is with flash:

The following photos are in sunlight but at slightly different angles. The first picture almost looks holographic, such is the effect of the smallest shimmer particles:

 I couldn't decide between which of the two close up photo's to put in so you lucky people are getting both!:

Another thing I forgot to mention on my Avalon post that also struck me with Perceval was the total lack of odour. Normally I get a bit asthmatic but absolutely NO problems for me.

Now the life of a housewife is not kind to the hands (OCD about handwashing and plenty of cleaning!), yet I have had this on since Sunday morning and not even a hint of tipwear yet, not even a peep of nail. 

If you want buy this or any other of 'The Mythicals' as the collection is called visit the website by clicking here: a-england . You'll have difficulty deciding, because you'll want them all!

Thankyou for reading people and I'm really glad of your continued support! Means a lot to me, it's making my blogging all the more enjoyable, and I'm loving it! xxx


  1. I'm not a red lover myself, but I think this looks fab on you! Thanks for mentioning the odour thing. Makes me want to look more into a-england polishes. I'm curious if Tristam is odourless too. I've had my eye on that one for a while now.xx

  2. Oh wow, this one really packs a punch. Gorgeous colour. Not got any of these yet, got my eye on Tristam too :-) xc

  3. I love this colour!!! More so for my toes but this is fab :o) xx

  4. This red is literally ALIVE. what a lovely bright red shade ! :)

  5. Fantastic colour - and brilliant photographs again - I think the natural light pics are the best but its all very subjective.
    The close ups are great :0)

  6. Thankyou everyone, (sorry for my late reply! I try to reply on my phone if but it so slow I just give up & have to wait for till I get to computer!)

    Tee Dee - I have my eye on Tristam as well!

    Paul - thankyou! I really could do witht a new camera as the poor thing is so overused, done well over 10,000 pics! I do try to show the polishes (especially shimmers) in all light situations as they look so different.

    Rebecca - you have a lot to answer for introducing me to a-england!!! ;-) xx

  7. Mihaela - I'm generally not a bright red person and I've just never found a nice one, although I have Revlon All Fired Up which is really nice, a plain classic red creme.

  8. haha, you know it only makes you love me more Esther <3 :p xx

  9. :o! i need to get this, it's gorgeous!
    Lucy x

  10. Rebecca - you do make me laugh! what my nails inc collection start now! Only own the 1 bottle you gave me! xxx

    Lucy - you must get one, they are practically bulletproof and so pretty.xx