Friday, October 21, 2011

a-england nail polish - Avalon

Currently Gem of The Month on the a-angland website, this is the utterly beautiful Avalon. 
It is exactly as described - an incandescent royal purple. I could not stop looking at this on my nails. Adina who is the creator behind the brand has really done an amazing job!

I first came across a-england polishes via Rebecca's blog Pandora's Nails and if you want to see more of a-england head over to her site, it's fair to say Rebecca's a big fan!

Having tried this now, I can see why. For my photos, I did 2 thinner coats, but could have easily got away with one. Avalon was a pleasure to apply, with the brush being just the perfect size, not too thick or thin, and the polish spread out on the nail evenly. The polish is packed with plenty of blue, pink and purple shimmer, see next photo for close up:

Having applied two coats and being able to inspect properly, it looks very much like a duochrome in certain lights, due to the amount of different colour shimmer particles. 

Purple and duochrome-like polish Esther? Don't mind if I do, thankyou very much!

The following three photo's are in full sunlight with the last of the three also having flash from the camera just to see what it'd look like ( this is where it looks duochrome-like). The first is slightly out of focus.  My images really can't do this polish justice!

Excuse the slight dink in my nail, looking after children does not always go well with nail polish! On the upside, since giving up coffee I seem to be able to apply polish neatly once more, didn't do any cleanup for these pictures! Impressed myself.

The next photograph is under artificial bright spotlight without flash, you can see the shimmer better than in the sunlight close up at top.

This one is in natural light without flash, sorry about the window refection but this also shows just how glossy the finish is - there was no topcoat on this swatch.

I had a look amongst my other polishes to see of I had anything similar and I came up with Revlon Grape Fizz, which is a glittery finish and being scented has an overbearing smell that sometimes I just don't want. I will be wearing Avalon instead of the Grape Fizz from now on, as the finish I much prefer:

I also took a photo against Nars Purple Rain, but as you can see they are not at all alike despite having the same colour components, Nars is much more magenta:

Removal of this was very easy which sadly I had to do as I scuffed it really badly rolling on the floor with the children and tinkering with my lovely road bike!

This is such a pretty brand, polishes and bottles, and I love the names being based on the legend of KIng Arthur, I like all mythology, it's about as romantic as I get!

Along with this, the website is also so easy to navigate, I hate poorly layed out websites, but this is easy, you can find exactly what you want, the payment process is easy and you can even do a wishlist, ahem - not that my husband will be reading this post.

My only problem? I want them all. I also have Perceval which I'll do a post on another time , but it was so hard choosing between the two that I did get, when I was only supposed to get one!. I asked Rebecca, and she couldn't help me decide, so oh well, in the virtual basket they both fell.

Hope you've liked this polish, and do try it if you get the chance, Adina has also kindly offered free worldwide postage - no excuses now is there? xxx


  1. Wow, that colour is absolutely amazing!! So beautiful! x

  2. Amazing glossiness and such depth to this polish! I love purple too. It's on second place after my beloved blue polish. Looks great on you!xx

  3. Esther you have done Avalon proud <3 So glad you are happy with your choices xxx

  4. Thankyou ladies, I am super pleased with this purple, definitely my favourite I own, and I have a lot! Xx

  5. Gorgeous colour!! I never tred this brand before...


  6. You should Alex, I'm super glad I did, want more now though!xx