Saturday, October 15, 2011

E.L.F nail polishes - Chocolate, Royal Purple, Plum and Metal Madness

Hello my lovely followers, I hope you have been ok? - I feel like I've not done any posts for ages but it's only been a few days, doesn't time seem to fly? 

As well as being busy anyway, I broke 3 of my nails on one hand so had to chop them off really short, and I mean short. I have no recollection how I did it on my weekend away to London, because I didn't even have much to drink! Maybe it was the pounding bass in the nightlcub that broke them - still it was a great night with some of my close friends dancing to techno! (Don't groan, it's only techno music and I know most females hate it and think it's noise!!!) 

They've grown back slightly, still not quite enough but they'll get there, I've done a few swatches of some new E.L.F polishes I got (click photo's to enlarge).

L-R: Chocolate, Royal Purple, Plum, Metal Madness

I'll start with Chocolate, and it was exactly like that, I could've gone opaque in one coat but you know I prefer thinner layers, so did two.

This was in full sunlight, look how glossy it is, and without a topcoat. I have always wanted to try a brown but they always seem to be too warm and I need cool browns for my skin, this isn't too bad.

In natural light it looks quite dark, I loved it!:

Next I have swatched Royal Purple, more magenta than the purples I know and love! It has a shimmer finish which I've done a closeup off and I did three coats, order is natural light, in sunlight and closeup in sunlight:

This is Plum, to be honest it was very similar to Chocolate as you can see, just a tad more red! The formula of this was very watery and I had to do 4 coats to cover properly, shown first in full sunlight and looking quite glossy but then with flash, it didn't seem so shiny.

Lastly we come to Metal Madness, and I had a right pickle with these, I'll tell you why. I ordered two bottles as there was a sale on and as it is a really pretty colour with holographic sparkle, who wouldn't want two? and the formula was different in each bottle - one was really thick and gloopy and smelt very weird and plasticky, the other was very thin in formula but didn't smell at all. I was a bit perturbed. So I stuck with the thinner one (and might send the other back). I did four coats for this swatch, it would need a topcoat if you don't like a gritty feel:

In full sunlight to see the holographic sparkle!

And another:

Closeup to see that sparkle ( not very focused!):

Below is in natural light, you can see it can look quite flat but it still has a touch of sparkle, in dim light it's hard to see the sparkle at all, but it's there. I really like gunmetal greys/silvers, and have quite a few.

Another problem I had with my E.L.F order was that I ordered Purple Pleaser but I was sent Metal Madness in a bottle and packaging marked with the correct name, just the wrong contents. I spoke to customer servies and they said they were aware of the problem and they would sent the correct item to me.... BUT....

... they sent exactly the same thing, Metal Madness in a Purple Pleaser bottle, that I received this morning! I just want to be pleased with purple! SO will have to phone them again and just sent all the Metal Madness back. FFS! Still I only paid 90p for each bottle, I feel guilty moaning when there are far more important things to worry about.
Other nail news: a little birdie told me that Chanel Peridot may ( don't quote me though), just may become part of the permanent collection. What do you think of that then eh?
I have lent my Chanel Peridot to Lynnette Peck Bateman for a beauty shoot on one of her magazines, so let's hope in case I don't get it back I can get another!

Until next post ladies, I bid you goodnight! Esther. xx


  1. Wow these are all pretty, and your nails look fine short chicky <3 How did you get these for 90p a bottle anyway?!? xx

  2. Wow! Can't believe you got these so fast. I've ordered a week ago and have yet to receive mine. The Metal Madness looks very good and I was actually questioning if I should get it or not. I'm glad I didn't because I don't do 4 coat polishes. I hardly do 3 coat ones and that's the maximum for me. So I guess it's a hit or miss with these ELF polishes. And reading reviews doesn't help either if the same color has different formulas. Hope I have better luck with mine.

  3. Oh and forgot to tell you I love short nails! xx

  4. Great post. I've never tried any ELF cosmetics but these nail polishes look fab. Hope your Metal Madness/Purple Pleaser issue gets sorted out :) xx

  5. Thanks Ladies for all the responses!

    Rebecca - I subscribe to ELF newsletter and they send discount codes through, this was a 40% off weekender promotion.

    Mihaela - it was so weird that the formula was different for each bottle, I dont mind doing 4 coats! Do ELF sent from Italy to you?

    Suzy - thankyou! the formulas I find are a bit hit or miss but the Chocolate? I think everyone should get!

    Sandra, thankyou! xxx

  6. No, they send from the UK. It wouldn't matter anyway because even if you send something from Romania to Romania it still takes 4 working days. I will be getting the notification on Monday probably. That is, if they haven't lost the package or something. xx