Monday, October 3, 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics Review Part 4: Eyes - Cream Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eye Primer & Liner Sealer, Eye Transformer

Finally dear followers I have got round to doing the last part of my ELF cosmetics review.
I was saving the best of my tested products till last, these were the Cream Eyeshadow in colour Candlelight, Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Black, Eye Primer (natural) and Liner Sealer (clear).

For all my photos, please click to enlarge.


First up as they are the easiest to talk about was the Cream Eyeshadow and Mascara, below you can see my eye on the left (with just foundation as a base) without eyeshadow and mascara and then on right with eyeshadow and mascara. The cream eyeshadow was nice but more of a semi cream/powder. It was easy to blend and lasted quite well on my eyes but I felt if you put to much on it'd crease ( as most cream eyeshadows do!). I will probably use this as a highlighter in the browbone and in the inner corner to brighten.

My eyelashes leave a lot to be desired, but look at that mascara! It was just brilliant. I would say this is as just as good as the higher end mascaras such as Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined or Chanel's Inimitible, if not better due to the price. It lasted ALL day without flaking (it did take a while for me to build up but I do have ridiculously fine eyelashes and are pale at the ends so not ELF's fault there). Basically get it.

The next product I tested was the Primer and Liner Sealer, one at either end of the tube as you can see in first photo. The primer was not too bad, you only need to apply a tiny bit and I think it worked quite well, (the only other eye primer I have used is the Boot No7 Smoothing Eye Base and it's similar to that). It's quite a dry texture and I think if you put too much on it'd clump with the eyeshadow. Colour wise it was ok for me, in fact it I tried as a concealer around eye and it worked a treat!

The Liner Sealer I was very keen to try, as quite often I use an eyeshadow as a liner but it can wear off after a few hours. This stuff worked brilliantly, my 'eyeshadow liner' lasted all day on a hot sunny day watching motorbikes at Brands Hatch, so was definitely a winner! Also it washed off with such ease at the end of the day I almost couldn't believe my luck at finding such a product. However... application was a bit fiddly. Below you can see the tip you mix with the eyeshadow and because it was like a felt tip nib it was quite difficult to apply. A brush would've been better. It says to wash the nib after each use but it doesn't come clean even with cleanser, and it came out. The best way I found to use this was to scrape some chosen eyeshadow onto a flat surface, I used lid of compact and then mix with the sealer (which is a clear liquid) from the nib.

Below: left - Laura Mercier Sequin eyeshadow in Black Ice.  Right - Nars in Night Fever.

My very last product I tried was the Eye Transfomer, I had read about this on someone's blog ( sorry don't recall whose!), and only remembered about it when shopping in the sale.

This is basically a pallette with four light iridescent eyeshadows (green, peach/gold, pink and blue) used for layering to create a different effect over dark eyeshadows. It works best over black. anything lighter you can't see the effect -  as shown below over 'Iron' from Bobbi Brown's Chrome eyeshadow palette.

Below: left - swatched without anything under, right - over 'Iron' - can't see effect.

Over matte black from Sleek Original palette

But you want to see it on my eyelids don't you? Order of photos is; with flash in natural light and then in full sunlight (excuse dark circles, had a really bad night's sleep when doing these and I have them naturally anyway, didn't bother with concealer!).





As you can clearly see from the photos, the green and the blue have the prettiest effect, the blue reminds me of the colour from my Dior Watermist palette but this is a cheaper way of achieving that!

So ladies that brings me to the end of my review on E.L.F cosmetics, I think overall they are a great brand for such a cheap price, especially their eye products, and their blushers. I also really like the tinted moisturiser.

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  1. I was intrigued by that liner sealer, but never bothered to get it. Now that I see how great it looks I just might have to try it. I would also love to try the cream eyeshadow. Maybe a darker color.

  2. It was very good, just the application a bit of a fiddle. Love it though! really glad I got it. I wish I'd got a darker colour in the eyeshadow too!

  3. Great post! Love the eyeshadow, pretty colours! :)
    Lucy x