Tuesday, October 18, 2011

China Glaze nail polish - Fortune Teller.

Hello! I'm back again with a different manicure today. I thought as it's near Halloween and a lot of people like it, I'd dig out my China Glaze Fortune Teller (from the Spellbound  Halloween collection 2009).

Personally I don't do anything for Halloween apart from turn off the lights and hope no-one knocks on the door, however this is a very nice polish and so will make an exception!

Fortune Teller has lots of different shapes and sizes of orange glitter in a black jelly/creme hybrid base. It can be quite thick due to the glitter in it and I did three thin coats for this. I think next time I'll use two coats over a black polish. I'd say you still need two coats to get the depth of glitter. You will also need a topcoat unless you like the gritty bumpy feel.

This polish reminds me of bonfire embers against a black November sky (I've come over all Wordsworth!). 

Close up of polish in the bottle:

 With flash in natural light:

 In natural light, no flash:

 In full sunlight, see the light glinting off the glitter? Beautiful!:

 A closeup on the nail:

It's the simple things in life that give me the greatest pleasure: good company, having a laugh, etc, but also since I've been doing this blog and swatching glitter polishes I really like the sparkles when I do the sunshine photos! So here's another closeup of the bling, a bit out of focus though!:

I loved my swatch of Blue Mosaic that had a good bit of bling on the fingertip! ( There is a scientific name for this but cannot for the life in me remember.)

Now we all know that removal is not happening quickly so I might keep this on for a day or so, what would you like to see in the meantime though? Any suggestions and I'll see if I have it!

Goodbye for now ladies, and thankyou for following me, it keeps me motivated. xxx


  1. Black polish really does not suit me I don't think!

  2. I love this "older" polish on you! I like when older shades are feautred by bloggers;I'm not entirely sure why, but it feels like I'm getting a special peek into the past :)

    I absolutely love this shade on your fingernail shape!
    Ps. I was like that on Halloween too (lights out etc)... Now with three little kids we are the door-to-doorers ;) ( but, ONLY where the lights are on ;) )

  3. Thankyou Marta, I think it's nice to see older stuff too, did you see the really old Revlon Kiwizing? (I've got 2 young children but we live in a flat so don't get any doorknockers now! Only the next door neighbours drunk mates occasionally!)

  4. Ooo this is gorgeous! :)

    Lucy x

  5. This is such a lovely glitter! Looks great on you! x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment :D
    I also adore this polish because of the orange/copper glitter! I have to wear this now!

  7. You are all so sweet ladies, actually I said black doesn't suit me but the more I was wearing this the more I liked it!

  8. I just lol'd at your previous halloween activities. I had always turned off the lights and hid out, too, until last year when I realized I could sit outside and drink wine from a plastic cup and make fun of teenagers. It was a fantastic time. I love this polish. It's gorgeous!

  9. And you definitely can pull it off.. looks great on you!

  10. Thankyou Erythropolish (great blog name, but don't know your actual name!) That sounds like a good idea about the wine oustside - might try this Halloween, I could heckle from my balcony!! Only joking!