Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carmine Beauty Boxes

Ladies, I must share this with you, it's something wonderful I have discovered - Carmine Beauty Boxes.

Carmine has this to say:

To put it simply, Carmine is a new approach to beauty.
We know that it can be hard sifting through all the beauty products that are out there. And it's even easier to bore yourself with the same products all the time. We want to let you live a little. We want you to discover and try something new.
So, we've decided to rollout the red-carpet treatment and put it in a box. We let you sample the best of what the beauty industry has to offer by selecting our favourite products for you to try and delivering them right to your door.
We've assembled a passionate team that comes from a variety of backgrounds. Get ready - because we're about to turn the beauty industry on its head.

(Thankyou to Carmine for letting me use images.)


What?: A beauty box with 5 different sample size products from 5 different companies - balance Me(skincare), Caudelie (skincare), Daniel Sandler (cosmetics), The Balm (cosmetics) and Trind (nails).

Where?: To your door by mail in a pretty little (recycled) box.

When?: Each month by the 10th.

How much?: £10 per month + £2.75 p&p (various payment options).

Why?: Why not should be the question!

So ladies, I have signed up for this, because I know a right bargain when I see one, and if it's not for me, I can always cancel (as if!). 

My first box should be winging it's way to me as I speak and I can't wait to show you. At the moment there are the only 5 brands I am aware of that will be featured in the box, but I'm sure if this concept takes off, more brands may want to get involved.

The box works in conjunction with lots of available information and tips on their website and you can share feedback and be part of a beauty community, sounds FAB!

It's like a cosmetics Net-a-porter but you don't know what you're getting!

You can find a link to Carmine by clicking


  1. Can't wait to see what these are like, hopefully they'll ship to Ireland eventually! I love that each box is tailored to the person - I got "Edgy with a touch of Natural" and the description was so accurate - can't wait to see your posts on these!

  2. Looks so cool, wish they would ship to the us.

  3. They may well do in the future ladies, but as far as it says on the website it's only to UK at the moment. I guess as it's a new concept they may want to see if it's viable.