Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carmine Beauty Box - October/2011

Hello ladies, I know some of you have been asking if I have received my beauty box from Carmine yet and I have, it came very quickly indeed in fact two days after I signed up to get them. But I have been away for the weekend and had a lovely time away staying with a few friends in London.

So it's back to business as usual - let me show you the box unopened first, it's a very nice matt black sturdy box with the Carmine logo on:

Which you open to reveal this - a lovely green bow wraped around black tissue with a card explaining what's in your box, some more information and discount codes for that month, should you like the product enough to want a bigger size.

But what you really want to see is the contents isn't it? All nestling prettily amongst lots of strips of concertinaed (yes that's spelt correctly!) red card or red spaghetti as my daughter called it.

The contents of the October box are a bottle of TRIND nail repair, hand cream from Balance Me, eyeshadow/blush from The Balm, Eye delight from the wonderful Daniel Sandler, and Quenching Sorbet-creme from Caudelie.

The Daniel Sandler eye delight is a full size product which retails at £10.25 normally so is the blusher/eyeshadow from The Balm which retails round about £12. Again from what I can see searching the internet, Trind's nail repair is a full size product and retails around £12.95. So already I've made a huge saving alone by having this box.

Trial size products are included from Balance Me and Caudelie.

Lets have a proper review of the products one by one:

This nail repair gives a natural coloured gloss finish and says in the instructions to use for two weeks everyday and then once a week for upkeep. I'm not sure I will use this as it's contains formaldehyde which is a preservative hence, protecting the nails. Although I do have some polishes that aren't free of nasties they are swatched, removed and then saved for when I want to wear occasionally. I love the bottle design and it was easy to apply to my nail, drying quite quickly.

Next was the balance ME super moisturising hand cream:

I really like this hand cream, at first I thought it'd leave my hands feeling greasy but it soon sunk in leaving them soft and with a lovely quite strong lavender aroma, which I love. Lavender is not to everyone's taste but I really like it, fresh but floraly at the same time. There are no parabens, mineral oils or sulpahtes in this cream as well as avoiding other nasties like propylene glycol, so this gets the thumbs up from me.

( I am in the middle of testing lots of hand creams for a review as mine are terribly dry at the moment and need to find one that works the best for me.)

Caudelie have included a quenching Sorbet-creme which sounds ideal for my skin but I've not yet tried it as again I am trying a different face moisturiser and don't want to introduce too many things at once, to see if they actually work, but here's a photo!:

Super makeup artist Daniel Sandler has included this gorgeous Eye Delight eyeshadow in Peach which you press over the centre of your lid leaving a lovely sparkly sheen:

This colour was a bit light for me on the eyelid to see any actual colour but I layered it over a Persimmon from my Sleek Paraguaya palette, and it really made a difference, you can see in the photo below: left - on it's own and right - over Persimmon.

With Flash
Without flash

But the way I used this to full effect was on my body. After swatching on my arm on Saturday morning, I noticed it left a really pretty sheen to my arm when I rubbed it off, so that evening when out in London I mixed a bit of it with my usual body moisturiser and applied to my arms, neck and chest area, and my skin looked like my own but better! 

I also used over the weekend The Balm's blusher which doubles as an eyeshadow ( I probably won't use it for this purpose), it was a perfect peachy/pink matte blusher. I have lots of shimmer blushers and always welcome a matte one for the day, especially in winter:

The packaging is vintage kitsch, and opens to reveal a mirror on a football pitch background! I like how it has a cardboard slip to stop the lid opening in your makeup bag.

The actual black box which is strong and made for keeping will now house my makeup overspill from my three rather large makeup bags. No I've got four bags full of the stuff! I forget I have some stuff, at least I can spread out now to see what I've got. Shocking.

Overall I am so far pleased with the offerings that Carmine have put in the box and of course from the brands involved. I thoroughly look forward to November's box. So well done Carmine. Why not give it a go, for £10 +p&p you're saving a lot of money. With Christmas coming up, you can always ask for a gift subscription!



  1. They all look great! Hope something like this will be available over here soon. xx

  2. The blusher was really good, although I've heard of The Balm before, never tried their products, so was really pleasd to get that!

  3. They all look like great products! Love the packaging, but I'm still unsure to try these boxes! And keep the money and buy products I def want. Great post :)

    Lucy x

  4. The blush looks really pretty. :)

  5. Thankyou Lucy, they are really good, especially as the prices for the full size items ar eso expensive.

    Alex, it really is a lovely blush, perfect for me not too peachy which can make me look a bit ill!