Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boots 17 nail polish - Magnetized Green and Crackle Purple.

Back today with more polish ladies, this time some Boots 17 polishes. I really like Boots 17 polishes -  especially Amaretto, have any of you tried it?

Boots 17 recently bought out their magnetised polishes, which are great fun, I thought it'd be a bit difficult to use but it's actually quite easy. The big lid comes off which has the magnet in top and has a smaller handle inside, obviously you dont want to be getting polish everywhere if it didn't come off! (click on photo's to enlarge)

For the swatch I did one layer of polish without using the magnet and then another coat with the magnet, but to be honest I could have got away with one coat as its quite pigmented.

Also I tried using the magnet for different lengths of time on each finger to see if this made any difference at all, from left to right; index finger - 3 seconds, middle finger - 6 seconds, ring finger - 10 seconds and little finger 15 seconds. I feel there was not much difference in effect after holding magnet for anything more than 6 seconds although it looks slightly different in picture, when you move your hand about it sort of fades and re-appears, as you can see in the sunlight pictures.

Natural light:

 With flash:

 In sunlight:

I also tried holding the magnet a different way at a 90 degree angle on my other thumb and it made a nice swirl. Might try that again on all fingers.

Overall I really love the polish and think it's a great idea, very different, if they did a gold one it would be like the stone Tiger's Eye! I may well go back and get another of these but not sure which one to get, I think maybe the grey one but they also come in blue and purple. Decisions, decisions!

Whilst I was in Boots, I got the purple crackle polish that 17 do as well, it such a pretty colour a bit like Nars Purple Rain but less pinky, it still has that same rich purple hue that I LOVE! Bloody love purple I do. 

I tried it straight over the green magnetised and I applied a fairly thick layer and waited for it to dry into big 'fault lines' as they looked to me. I just cannot decide if I like crackle or not - do you ladies?

 In full sunlight:

 In natural light:

I hope you've like these, and I've got an amazing duo/multichrome coming up in next post for you! xx


  1. Love the magnetic and the crackle <3 and duochrome next!! can't wait chicky!! xxx

  2. I would love to try magnetic polishes, but we don't have them here yet. This crackle polish looks great! Barry M just came out with a purple glitter crackle that is just to die for and is on my wishlist.xx

  3. I love the magnetic polish! that colour is amazing.
    I am still unsure about crackle polishes, I have a couple but never wear them!

  4. The green is my favourite of the magnetics....:))xxx

  5. Wow, quick response ladies, thankyou!

    I really like the magnet idea, so different.

    Charlie - I have to Sephora OPI crackles too and they are nowhere near as good I don't think as the 17 ones. To me thought the crackle just looks a bit messy and I hate chipped polish! It'll grow on me though I expect!

    I'm not sure Mihaela, if any other brands do the magnetised finish, do any of my other followers know please, so we can help Mihaela out? Thankyou. xx

  6. I know about Nails Inc, Essence, Layla and LCN, but none of these are available here. I'm waiting for some more brands to pick this trend up and then maybe I'll get my hands on some.xx

  7. Mihaela I didn't even realise so many brands did the magnet finish! I'm no polish expert compared to others out there, a new shop has opened up in my town that sells LCN. Are LCN good? as never tried that brand.

  8. I love the magnetic nail polish! I really want to try it!
    Lucy x

  9. Dug up some links for you:

    Have fun shopping! xx

  10. Thankyou Mihaela, I might have to pop into the shop near me and have a proper look. xx

  11. Love the green magnetic one and the purple crackle makes it look really halloweeny!! xx