Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Day Challenge by Rie at Nails and Noms Blog.

Hello my lovely followers, today I want to talk about Rie the lovely owner of those fab fingertips over at Nails and Noms .   

Specifically though, Rie is doing a 31 day nail challenge where she has to do a different manicure each day for, yes, 31 days! I'm afraid I have no idea how this challenge came about, and much internet searching has only bought up other ladies from blogs also doing the challenge.  Maybe Rie herself could shed light on the issue.

I have been closely following Rie's manicure's (as I have her blog in general for a few months) they are really very good. Rie has also given me permission to use a couple of her photo's from her challenge so you can see. I'm only using a couple as really I want you to check her blog yourself and follow her challenge and blog. Thankyou Rie. xx

You can find the list of what Rie is doing here:   31 day challenge list

Here is day 7 - black and white:

This is day 9 - metallic nails:

How stunning are these? I've been inspired by Rie's metallic manicure today and I did a similar look, obviously not an outright copy!

It's not too bad and I used E.L.F Metal Madness, then E.L.F Black and then a cheeky bit of Nubar Fire Sparkle.

This photo was taken on my mobile phone so the quality is not as good as usual (battery run out on camera!). 

So if you get the chance please do pop over to Nails and Noms and follow the challenge, and Rie's blog perhaps you will be inspired yourself! Maybe I might do this one day once my nails have decide if they are going to get stronger and not keep breaking (Esther drink more water!!).

Rie can also be found on Twitter: @NailsandNoms

Hopefully I will do a little post every now and again on my favourite blogs, there are some great one's out there.
Until my next post ladies. xx


  1. Esther you are too much! I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge as much as I am so far, just wait until you see tomorrow's mani! :D I'm doing the challenge with Cris of Let Them Have Polish and Sam of The Nailasaurus, they're keeping me motivated for sure!

    I'm actually not sure where the challenge originated. I'm thinking it started on the tumblr nail blogs and took off from there. ^_^

  2. I love Nails and Noms too and love Rie's take on the 31 day challenges so far.
    And I love love that mani you done chicky, so pretty <3 xx

  3. Thankyou Rie! I think I had The Nailasaurus bookmarked on my phone last week to check out on proper comp! can't wait for rainbow.x

    Rebecca, I'm looking at you for my next 'bloglove' post! xx

  4. OMG really!! You are way too kind chicky!!

  5. I love the first nails! :)
    Lucy x