Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail Polish Haul - some right bargains!

Hello all, hope you've been well. I managed to get over a stomach bug just in time for my brother's wedding on Saturday and to have a little bit of a hunt around Ipswich town for some nail goodies beforehand.

I was really pleased that the little discount cosmetics shop that I used to frequent is still going strong and it had a wall full of polishes, I was very good and didn't go too mad.
This is what I got: CK nail polishes in colours from left to right- Bombshell, Tutu, Navy Sparkle, Madly Mauve and Opus.

I did the above photo with flash so you can see the sparkle but below is how they are in natural light:

I also got a couple of Sinful Colors nail polishes in Rich in Heart and Secret Admirer:

The CK and Sinful colours were for a total price of £14.50, not bad eh? Although not sure how much CK polishes or Sinful Colours usually retail for, perhaps someone could enlighten me!
And last but not least I got from Boots a couple of Boots 17 polishes in a silvery/light gold crackle (doesn't have a name that I can see) and a lovely gold colour Fury (which I think may have a hint of green duochrome in):

I wore Fury for my brothers wedding, it was easy to put on (in the car!) and dried super quickly, so was very pleased with that. 

I can't wait to try out all the others, but first I have promised to show the Missha polish without the crackle on. This may take a few days to do as yet again my nail broke so off they came!

Until then I will probably do a post on some new foundations I have been using which are quite frankly brilliant.... xxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missha HGR01 and Sephora by OPI Blasted Red ( Quick Pic Post!)

Just a quick post to show my nails today, I'm still unsure about crackle nail polishes so though I'd try again. I used beautiful duochrome HGR01 from Missha and Sephora by OPI Blasted Red that my friend bought back from Atlanta.

I think the red crackle reminds me of rivulets of blood and it's kind of freaking me out, as any injuries to nails or teeth make me feel really ill.  Anyway I tried to show the duochrome effect but I think it's lost slightly in the crackle. I like the colour combination generally though.  Do you like it? xxx

In natural light:

 In sunlight:

Monday, October 24, 2011

a-england nail polish - Perceval

Hello, back again this lovely Monday afternoon with the second a-england polish I bought, this time Perceval. If you didn't see the first one I posted about -  Avalon see here .

Perceval is a beautiful rich red that positively glows. It has a shimmer that is neither too much or too little, it is both classy and sexy. Not many polishes can make that claim.

I have always wanted a red like this but never found one that quite lives up to my high standards and believe me I have looked over the years. I thought I may have found it in E.L.F's Red Velvet but even that was not what I wanted and normally go for deep reddy browns for this reason.

Then looking on the a-england website I saw Perceval and knew I had to have it. You can see in the picture below taken in natural light with no flash that it has a lot of depth to it:

 This is with flash:

The following photos are in sunlight but at slightly different angles. The first picture almost looks holographic, such is the effect of the smallest shimmer particles:

 I couldn't decide between which of the two close up photo's to put in so you lucky people are getting both!:

Another thing I forgot to mention on my Avalon post that also struck me with Perceval was the total lack of odour. Normally I get a bit asthmatic but absolutely NO problems for me.

Now the life of a housewife is not kind to the hands (OCD about handwashing and plenty of cleaning!), yet I have had this on since Sunday morning and not even a hint of tipwear yet, not even a peep of nail. 

If you want buy this or any other of 'The Mythicals' as the collection is called visit the website by clicking here: a-england . You'll have difficulty deciding, because you'll want them all!

Thankyou for reading people and I'm really glad of your continued support! Means a lot to me, it's making my blogging all the more enjoyable, and I'm loving it! xxx

Friday, October 21, 2011

a-england nail polish - Avalon

Currently Gem of The Month on the a-angland website, this is the utterly beautiful Avalon. 
It is exactly as described - an incandescent royal purple. I could not stop looking at this on my nails. Adina who is the creator behind the brand has really done an amazing job!

I first came across a-england polishes via Rebecca's blog Pandora's Nails and if you want to see more of a-england head over to her site, it's fair to say Rebecca's a big fan!

Having tried this now, I can see why. For my photos, I did 2 thinner coats, but could have easily got away with one. Avalon was a pleasure to apply, with the brush being just the perfect size, not too thick or thin, and the polish spread out on the nail evenly. The polish is packed with plenty of blue, pink and purple shimmer, see next photo for close up:

Having applied two coats and being able to inspect properly, it looks very much like a duochrome in certain lights, due to the amount of different colour shimmer particles. 

Purple and duochrome-like polish Esther? Don't mind if I do, thankyou very much!

The following three photo's are in full sunlight with the last of the three also having flash from the camera just to see what it'd look like ( this is where it looks duochrome-like). The first is slightly out of focus.  My images really can't do this polish justice!

Excuse the slight dink in my nail, looking after children does not always go well with nail polish! On the upside, since giving up coffee I seem to be able to apply polish neatly once more, didn't do any cleanup for these pictures! Impressed myself.

The next photograph is under artificial bright spotlight without flash, you can see the shimmer better than in the sunlight close up at top.

This one is in natural light without flash, sorry about the window refection but this also shows just how glossy the finish is - there was no topcoat on this swatch.

I had a look amongst my other polishes to see of I had anything similar and I came up with Revlon Grape Fizz, which is a glittery finish and being scented has an overbearing smell that sometimes I just don't want. I will be wearing Avalon instead of the Grape Fizz from now on, as the finish I much prefer:

I also took a photo against Nars Purple Rain, but as you can see they are not at all alike despite having the same colour components, Nars is much more magenta:

Removal of this was very easy which sadly I had to do as I scuffed it really badly rolling on the floor with the children and tinkering with my lovely road bike!

This is such a pretty brand, polishes and bottles, and I love the names being based on the legend of KIng Arthur, I like all mythology, it's about as romantic as I get!

Along with this, the website is also so easy to navigate, I hate poorly layed out websites, but this is easy, you can find exactly what you want, the payment process is easy and you can even do a wishlist, ahem - not that my husband will be reading this post.

My only problem? I want them all. I also have Perceval which I'll do a post on another time , but it was so hard choosing between the two that I did get, when I was only supposed to get one!. I asked Rebecca, and she couldn't help me decide, so oh well, in the virtual basket they both fell.

Hope you've liked this polish, and do try it if you get the chance, Adina has also kindly offered free worldwide postage - no excuses now is there? xxx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Illamasqua nail polish - Viridian (+ Nubar 2010, L'Oreal 734 & Claire's Cosmetics.)

Hello Ladies, I've been meaning to swatch this Illamasqua polish for a while, my lovely friend bought this for me and she keeps asking to see it but I've been a bit slack. Actually that's not true, I did try and swatch it a couple of weeks ago but by the time I got round to trying to photo that day, the sun went in and I'd chipped it, sorry Caroline!

This polish is one of those lovely peacock greens that are quite popular at the moment, and I really like this one. At first I though it was the same as Models Own - Peacock Green, see the comparison in bottle below, however Viridian is just a bit more towards a dark green:

I did three thin coats for this swatch, and used Revlon clear topcoat. Viridian has lots of blue and light green shimmer in a dark green base, I prefer this colour to the Models Own Peacock green as I think its a bit darker and therefore suits my skin colour better.

The following two photos are in direct sunlight but slightly different angles to see how different it can look:

 This was with flash under natural light: You can see a bit of tipwear already!

 This was in natural light:

After not very long at all, I'd already started to get tipwear even with a topcoat, although I didn't do the very ends along the edge, as I normally do.

By day two of this manicure it was getting pretty bad, but as Caroline paid a lot for this I wasn't going to take off straight away so decided to experiment a bit, especially after seeing the ideas Rie from Nails and Noms has come up with for her 31 day challenge.

It's a bit messy but looked better in real life than in these photos! 

I tried to sponge on a bit of L'Oreal 734 black red, Nubar 2010 and then a bit of Claire's cosmetics glitter with no name, but can see bottle at end of this post: click here! .

Removal of this was not too bad as there were only a few bits of glitter and I think Viridian is generally an easy polish to remove.

Caroline I hope you have liked reading this whilst sunning yourself up in Portugal!! xxx

Ladies, I hope you have liked this too and I will be back very soon with some amazing polish I bought from a-england, I bought two but will be showing Avalon, the most gorgeous purple, and will do Perceval (red) in another post. xxx

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

China Glaze nail polish - Fortune Teller.

Hello! I'm back again with a different manicure today. I thought as it's near Halloween and a lot of people like it, I'd dig out my China Glaze Fortune Teller (from the Spellbound  Halloween collection 2009).

Personally I don't do anything for Halloween apart from turn off the lights and hope no-one knocks on the door, however this is a very nice polish and so will make an exception!

Fortune Teller has lots of different shapes and sizes of orange glitter in a black jelly/creme hybrid base. It can be quite thick due to the glitter in it and I did three thin coats for this. I think next time I'll use two coats over a black polish. I'd say you still need two coats to get the depth of glitter. You will also need a topcoat unless you like the gritty bumpy feel.

This polish reminds me of bonfire embers against a black November sky (I've come over all Wordsworth!). 

Close up of polish in the bottle:

 With flash in natural light:

 In natural light, no flash:

 In full sunlight, see the light glinting off the glitter? Beautiful!:

 A closeup on the nail:

It's the simple things in life that give me the greatest pleasure: good company, having a laugh, etc, but also since I've been doing this blog and swatching glitter polishes I really like the sparkles when I do the sunshine photos! So here's another closeup of the bling, a bit out of focus though!:

I loved my swatch of Blue Mosaic that had a good bit of bling on the fingertip! ( There is a scientific name for this but cannot for the life in me remember.)

Now we all know that removal is not happening quickly so I might keep this on for a day or so, what would you like to see in the meantime though? Any suggestions and I'll see if I have it!

Goodbye for now ladies, and thankyou for following me, it keeps me motivated. xxx

Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Day Challenge by Rie at Nails and Noms Blog.

Hello my lovely followers, today I want to talk about Rie the lovely owner of those fab fingertips over at Nails and Noms .   

Specifically though, Rie is doing a 31 day nail challenge where she has to do a different manicure each day for, yes, 31 days! I'm afraid I have no idea how this challenge came about, and much internet searching has only bought up other ladies from blogs also doing the challenge.  Maybe Rie herself could shed light on the issue.

I have been closely following Rie's manicure's (as I have her blog in general for a few months) they are really very good. Rie has also given me permission to use a couple of her photo's from her challenge so you can see. I'm only using a couple as really I want you to check her blog yourself and follow her challenge and blog. Thankyou Rie. xx

You can find the list of what Rie is doing here:   31 day challenge list

Here is day 7 - black and white:

This is day 9 - metallic nails:

How stunning are these? I've been inspired by Rie's metallic manicure today and I did a similar look, obviously not an outright copy!

It's not too bad and I used E.L.F Metal Madness, then E.L.F Black and then a cheeky bit of Nubar Fire Sparkle.

This photo was taken on my mobile phone so the quality is not as good as usual (battery run out on camera!). 

So if you get the chance please do pop over to Nails and Noms and follow the challenge, and Rie's blog perhaps you will be inspired yourself! Maybe I might do this one day once my nails have decide if they are going to get stronger and not keep breaking (Esther drink more water!!).

Rie can also be found on Twitter: @NailsandNoms

Hopefully I will do a little post every now and again on my favourite blogs, there are some great one's out there.
Until my next post ladies. xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Revlon nail polish - Kiwizing.

Ladies, I told you I'd be back with another lovely post featuring a duochrome, my very favourite kind of nail polishes. This particular nail polish was released by Revlon about 20 million years ago, way before I was into nail polish in a big way! I found this on Ebay and was a bit reluctant to put it on as it's said on bottle 'made in EEC'. I remember when the EEC was the EEC before becoming the EC in 1993 (and then the EU as it is currently).

But I was having a Twitter conversation with the lovely Kirsten from Glitta Gloves
who said it's generally fine as long as they've been stored properly. So I decided rather than looking at the lovely colour in the bottle to put it on, and I'm glad I did. It is a sort of greyish purple that flashes the most amazing green and gold in different light. There was also a sort of weird coppery colour that I just could not capture. (At first when putting it on, I thought of Orly's Space Cadet but it's not as sparkly as that, and Space Cadet doesn't have the greyish tinge.)

I shall now let the photo's do the talking, there are lots, enjoy! and one last bottle pic at end. ( This was 3 coats of polish with a base coat.)

Should you want one ladies, you may be able to still get one from this Ebay Seller:

There were four left at last count, I'm not going to get a back up to give you lovelies a chance of owning one!