Friday, September 9, 2011

Stargazer 305 nail polish swatch.

Whilst commenting on a post on Cute-Tickle Nails blogspot about duochromes and in particular the Orly Cosmic FX collection, this Stargazer nail polish cropped up in conversation. 
I said I would do a post and show some photos, as it's such a beautiful polish. The polish flashes between purple and blue depending on the angle and brightness and type of light. It is also super shimmery. It's so nice even my other half commented on it and he has NO interest whatsoever in my beauty regime! So it must be good.

Below is the picture in natural light with flash and it's showing a strong blue at this angle.

Stargazer 305 - with flash

Check out the beautiful shimmer. 305 is a thin polish which I personally prefer and this swatch was with 4 thin coats to get opacity.

Below you can see the purple when fingers are at a lower angle.

Stargazer 305 - with flash.

In the following photo you can see blue at the tip changing subtly over to purple at the edges.

Lovely duochrome!

 In natural light without flash you can clearly see the individual blue and purple components of the polish ( Is this sounding too scientific?!!!)  in the photos below.

In natural light - no flash.

Under bright spotlight with no flash.

Another picture in natural light - no flash

Under bright spotlight with flash.

The finish is quite shiny, and due to the shimmer you can get away without a topcoat. But if you're planning on wearing for a few days, to delay tip wear or chips I would reccommend using one, I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener and it works a treat.

Removal is not too bad, but nowhere near as bad as trying to remove something like Space Cadet by Orly. But no pain, no gain as they say!

You can but this Stargazer directly from the company;

At £2.50 GBP they are an absolute bargain. I bought 4 different polishes from their website and postage was only £2.56 or thereabouts, very reasonable anyway.

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  1. Gorgeous! Can't believe I've had this one sitting untried! I'm going to dig this one out :-)

  2. It's really cool looking. StarGazer have some seriously awesome colors that I would like to get. I don't buy them because they contain toluene but the day they get rid of it, I definitely will!

  3. I know what you mean Nathalie, I have it this on as a naughty treat very occasionally! Most of the time my nails are bare, as is my hair without a tonne of stuff on. Face makeup is trowelled on to compensate, ha ha!