Monday, September 5, 2011

Sleek Oh So Special and Nude/Au Naturel palette swatches.

After many weeks of trying to purchase I actually have in my possession the Oh So Special Sleek palette, and I also managed to get a Nude/Au Naturel palette before either sold out, the Nude one will become part of the permanent range though.

I am very pleased with these palettes, in fact I have 10 now (but the Sunset I droppped and shattered). They are a wonderful and cost effective way of experimenting with different colours.
Sleek palettes are designed to adorn all skin tones including darker skin which is great as a lot of brands don't really cater for darker skin. I have light olive skin and you can see in the swatches some of the colours disappear a bit, but these ones will come into their own on very dark/pale skin.

(I have taken a photo of each palette with the name overlay on the mirror, if you click to enlarge photo should be able to read these. The first swatch is without flash in natural light and the following swatch with flash to capture the shine on the non-matte colours. The swatches have been done on the inside of my arm where the skin is nearer in tone to that of my eyelid.)

Oh So Special:

Boxed, Wrapped Up and Celebrate are my favourites from the palette, lovely dark winter colours, perfect for evening.

Oh So Special palette

Oh So Special swatches - no flash

Oh So Special - with flash

Nude/Au Naturel: 

 Every one of the colours in this palette was very nice and it is hard to choose a favourite, so I'll choose a few - Nubuck, Mineral Earth, Regal and Moss my absolute favourite. It was not a colour I would choose if on sale on it's own, but when I tried it for the swatch I thought it looked rather nice. More of a gold brown (similar to the lighter colour in the Nars Cordura duo) than a golden green suggested by the name. This palette will get a lot of use over winter.

Nude/Au Naturel palette

Nude/Au Naturel swatches - no flash

Nude/Au Naturel swatches - with flash.

At a quick glance both palettes look similar - however you can see the difference once swatched. If you can find these, I would recommend purchasing them.

The textures are nice and soft as expected from Sleek palettes and are very pigmented. I might post a picture in another post of all my Sleek palettes, they look so lovely opened up next to each other , a huge array of colours.

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  1. I love my Oh so special palette and I really want the Au Naturel palette but it's sold out in Superdrug so I think I'll have to buy direct.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog

  2. That's ok Caroline, have joined as would like to see some of your knitting! Sleek post out realy quickly when you oredr direct for them, I ordered one of the PPQ and Curacao ones and came next day. Will swatch in a new post soon.

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