Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revlon Expressionists Collection - Smoky Canvas nail polish

Ladies, I give you from the ever reliable Revlon - Smoky Canvas (smoky spelt the American way!), released along with Facets of Fuchsia for autumn/winter and is part of the Expressionists collection.

Revlon - Smoky Canvas

It is a beige creme and although nothing different really, it is a nice colour and one I really seem to lack in my collection. Those who work but still like to wear polish would love this as it's safe but still modern and fashionable. It's more grey than beige but definitely a mix of the two (can't bring myself to say greige as is de rigeur nowadays so I'm going to call it "putty").
Below is Smoky Canvas in natural light, I think you'll agree it's a nice colour, I can see me wearing this with a red lip (bought the new Kate Moss one the other day, which is another post to do) and looking modern but classic at the same time.  

(Sorry about shorter nails, was tinkering with my lovely new road bike and broke a nail so off they came!)

Natural light

Application was not the usual easy task I find to have with Revlon, I needed a fair bit on the brush as it seemed to dry quickly with a thinner coat and not settle out on the nail, but once I'd found the right amount I only neeed 2 coats to get it opaque. It had such a glossy finish I didn't need a topcoat, and I really want to try with a matte topcoat.
In bright sunlight it takes on a beige tone with a hint, and I mean the merest hint of purple. But that could just be my eyes! 

In bright sunlight.

With flash

I only had minor tip wear after 2 days and removal was very easy, so all in all I think I'll give this the thumbs (or fab fingertips) up, and I hate to tell you I haven't seen anymore in the shops near me.

But there is one to win in my Revlon giveaway, which you can enter via this link:

So good luck if you enter!

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