Friday, September 16, 2011

Revlon Masquerade Collection - Jaded Night, Royal Cloak, Devil's Lure, Midnight Haze

Whilst Googling Revlon I came across this collection. I don't really know much about it apart from it only being available in the US. Revlon seem to bring collections out but without much fanfare so you you only know about them when you are shopping ( or Googling!).
I found these through an Ebay seller specialising in nail care in the US and postage was much quicker than expected, which was a nice surprise. 
The colours I bid on were Jaded Night, Royal Cloak, Devil's Lure and Midnight Haze. There are a few others in this collection but these are the ones that stood out for me.

L-R: Jaded Night, Royal Cloak, Devil's Lure, Midnight Haze.

I think I'll go in first with my favourites and leave my least favourites till last! Below is Jaded Night, a lovely deep green creme polish, not quite as dark as your typical British Racing Green colour but very rich. I didn't have anything like this in my collection as I always thought it would look horrible on my olive skin but it's cool toned so perfect. I forgot to take a picture of this one in natural non-sunlight.

(Apologies now for my horrible looking hands, they're so dry recently.)

With flash in natural light
In full sunlight

My next favourite was Devil's Lure, a dark blood red jelly with the most minute amount of red and silver glitter in. It goes on quite a bright red pink to start and gets darker, and you really can't see the glitter in normal light, in order for someone else to see it they'd have to be so close you'd probably be poking them in the eye! But it's a very nice colour.
In natural light

With flash

In full sunlight
Royal Cloak up next. When I saw this I thought this is a bit cheeky, and not in a good way, I do like it but it's basically Revlon's Rock with a bit of flaky glitter in it, nice but they could've tried harder! (I'll cut them about an inch of slack due to the lovely Facets Of Fuchsia though.) See what I mean?:

 Rock and Royal Cloak

In natural light

With Flash

In full sunlight

Close up in bottle
My least favourite was Midnight haze, it was a bit streaky and to be honest a bit like any other steel grey, if fact it was almost identical colourwise to No7 Night Silver and China Glaze Jitterbug but with different finishes, maybe a bit more purple than blue in tone. I didn't even bother to give it a swatch exclusively of those two, sorry if you wanted one!

Below all in natural light with flash:
L-R: No7, Revlon, China Glaze, Revlon.
In full sunlight:
L-R: Revlon, China Glaze, Revlon, No7

Removal was very easy with all, just had to leave the soaked cotton wool on for a few seconds and off with pretty much one wipe. I did 3 coats with all but Devil's Lure which required 4 for a smooth consistent coverage.
So I'm glad I have at least the first two added to my collection but the other two, who know's what to do with them. If you had to get one, do go for Devil's Lure, it's very pretty.

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  1. Could I just ask my followers of you prefer the Picasa album setting to be switched on or off when reading the post? Do you like to look at photos individually when clicking on them? thankyou! Esther.x

  2. I love how we can see the whole album when we click the photo, it's really convenient (to the lazy me much more than individually clicking on every one of them).

    "Devil's Lure" is totally my style but I think I own too many vampy red already. :D "Midnight Haze" tickle me more. I don't own much grey and it's so elegant. Speaking of Revlon, in France we're always late. We still have the matte green and the matte red of last year on display. It's getting old, ah ah. Few chances to see those but I'll search on ebay! Thank you for the swatches and comparison! <3

  3. Jaded Night is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a green. The whole album works good for me :-)

  4. Thankyou for feedback Nathalie and Tee Dee, it's very much appreciated.

    Nathalie - was looking at your blog and Zoya Casey, I think Devil's Lure may look quite similar?