Friday, September 9, 2011

Revlon Gold Coin nail polish.

Over the past few weeks I was toying with the idea of getting Revlons Gold Coin, via Ebay, as at the time it was unavailable in the UK. It was released in the US as part of a trio along with Silver Dollar and Copper Penny, but only Gold Coin was released here in the UK.

Normally I snap up a Revlon nail polish as I really like them for the price and have quite a few. I think I just wasn't sure whether it'd be right for me. 

Then Marina who is behind the fabulous blog Makeup4All tweeted out to see if anyone had Gold Coin and what they though of it. So I think that helped me make up my mind! I always like to help someone else out if I can and as I need to get some more posts on my new blog (Makeup4All makes mine look as amateur as it is!!!), I just had to go and buy it.

Revlon Gold Coin - with flash

Once I had bought it and went out of the shop I knew then I had made the right decision, it looked lovely in the sunlight. For the swatches I did 3 thin coats but really I should have done 4 as in the photo below you can still slightly see visible nail line.

Revlon Gold Coin in full sunlight.

It is extremely shimmery, I suppose full of microglitter and just lovely, especially in the full sunlight. My worry it was going to be too warm a gold was unfounded as this is quite a cool gold. You can see that there is a lot silver microglitter present, and this suits my light olive skin, however I think it would probably suit most tones.

In the photo below the colour is still quite bright although taken in natural light without any flash.

Whilst doing the swatch I dug out some of my other gold polishes that I thought were similar and came up with Gosh Gold and 2True shade 45:

Revlon Gold Coin, 2True shade 45 and Gosh Gold

You can see they are quite similar in the bottle but the Revlon definitely does have more texture to it, and seems a slightly cooler colour. Lets see it on the nails:

2True, Revlon, Gosh, Revlon.

On the index finger is 2True shade 45, it's quite a thin formula and you could easily do 4 thin coats maybe even 5 for true coverage, then Revlon on middle finger, Gosh Gold on the ring finger (which was 3 coats, decent for the price and preferable to the 2True in terms of coverage), Revlon again on the little finger. Both Gosh and 2True are not really as nice looking as Revlon but I suppose it depends on the finish you want.

Gosh is slightly more of a foil finish with 2True somewhere in between. 

I also took out of my boxes of polishes Revlons Silver Spell and Carbonite -  although different colours I wanted to compare the finish as it's quite similar.

Revlon Silver Spell, Revlon Gold Coin, Revlon Carbonite.

So you can see below the finish is similar to both the other Revlons, so if you have and like either of them you will probaby like Gold Coin. This was with flash:

Silver Spell, Gold Coin, Carbonite, Gold Coin.
And without flash:
Silver Spell, Gold Coin,Carbonite, Gold Coin.
 As far as gold's go it is not a true gold, and not at all like say Chanel Peridot gold (obviously without the duochrome) or any other 'yellow' golds I can think of.

If you see this in the shops I would get it, but if you pefer a less shimmery finish then go for the Gosh Gold. Removal was not too bad for Gold Coin, not as bad as some shimmer/microglitter finishes.

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  1. This is a nice colour. Prefer it to the Gosh one.

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  3. Those colors are easy to find here - if you want the other two let me know, would just charge cost of polish and shipping of course :o)

    Great post!