Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Revlon Expressionists Collection - Facets Of Fuchsia nail polish

Whilst shopping in Boots last week my beady little eyes saw something twinkling on an end of aisle display. Not only was it sparkly, it was also purple, and in addition to that it was by Revlon, whose nail polishes seem to like my fingers. Now if something is a) purple or b) sparkly, I'm drawn in. Both together? Well into the shopping basket it went of course. 

So much for me giving my nails a break eh? Facets of Fuchsia was first released in the US as part of the Expressionists Collection. There were three other nail polishes called Starry Pink, Blue Mosaic and Smoky Canvas(creme finish), I have only seen Smoky Canvas on the Revlon stands which I might have to get. But the other two - nowhere to be seen, which is a shame as they are glittery like this one.

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia.

Facets of Fuchsia is lots of magenta coloured glitter and hexagons in a black jelly base. The formula is similar to Revlons topcoats Slipper, Galaxy, Star and Belle, with (different colour) glitter and hexagons except they are in a clear base. Now this is as near to Deborah Lippmanns Bad Romance nail polish as you're going to get without actually forking out for it. However I'd say that the base in Bad Romance is more opaque.

I did 3 thin coats for the swatch below and because it has large hexagons in, it can be a pain to put on the nail. If you use a thin coat first to get the shape near the cuticles sorted (don't worry about blobbing it), the next layers are easier to put on, sort of patting it on gently works for the next layer, and applying as normal for the third. Use a top coat to smooth out or it's bumpy!

3 coats and + Revlon clear topcoat.

Close up form previous photo.

From a different angle showing the black base.

 As well as the Revlon glitter top coats, I also have a Claire's Cosmetics hexagon/glitter top coat which I thought would like nice on top. It looks like this in the bottle:

Claire's Cosmetics top coat  (no name).

 It looks like this over the top of Facets of Fuchsia, I think it really brightens it up.

Removal as always with glitter nail polishes is going to take forever but trust me it's worth it. This will probably sell out very soon. 

If I manage to get some more of these I will be doing a little give away of a bottle of this to one lucky winner. Need to get more followers though people, so spread the word!

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  1. This is SUCH a gorgeous colour, I am definitely getting it! Thanks for the post x