Thursday, September 1, 2011

MUA (Superdrug) nail polish in shade 4.

I picked up this little nail polish in Superdrug last week when looking for a bright orange/coral/red colour.

It is part of Superdrugs everything for £1 range called MUA (Makeup Academy), and having tried a couple of other things in the range that I was impressed with I decided to get it.

It is a small bottle (6.2ml) and has a very short brush stem which some may find troublesome. But for £1 who's complaining? Certainly not me, the colour is fab. It is a bright red/orange, almost a tomato red, but can look coral at certain angles. 
Below shows the colour in natural light:

This swatch was done with 4 thin coats and as seen below there was slight visible nail line, I know some people hate it but I must be one of the rare few who finds it quite nice! The photo below was taken under a slightly warm tone spotlight light fitting.

This photo was in bright sunlight.... yes some rare sunshine! It shows the colour nearest to as it is in real life.

I have had this on for 2 days now with minor tip wear and this was without a topcoat. I did put a basecoat on (always!) as I fear it may stain. 

Removal was very easy, with no scrubbing required!

Overall for the price the quality was a pleasant surprise, and I will definitely buy more colours of their nail polish.


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