Sunday, September 4, 2011

More MUA (Superdrug) nail polishes in shades 1, 9, 11, 13 and 23

After being very pleased with the MUA nail varnish I bought last, I decided to return to Superdrug and get some more. 

Below are the 5 that I chose, not normally the colours I would generally go for, but at £1 its a good way to get out of my comfort zone with nail colour and not worry about wasting too much money if I don't like them. I did 3 thin coats of each in the swatches. (Apologies first for the slight out of focusness on the natural light ones, dont know what happened there!)

                                  From left: shade 1, 9, 11, 13 and 23.   

I'll start with shade 1, it is a beautiful deep blue/black with blue glitter in, there are a few of these about and it reminded me a bit of Dior's new nail polish for A/W 2011 in Tuxedo. I don't think I'll be buying the Dior polish though as not really different enough to justify the price. Anyway on with the photos, first in natural light and then with flash;


Next was shade 9, a bright blue colour I keep meaning to get but never really think will suit me. But I was loving this when on, it also applied really well, no patchiness and not gloopy like some cheaper nail polishes. First picture natural light and flash second. There was slight visible nail but I think another coat would have remedied that.

Third up was shade 11, a lovely mix of grey and silver, this polish looked so much more expensive than it was but application was a bit streaky. As long as you have a good amount on the brush and use light strokes I think you can make it look fab. There was a slight shimmer to it and I can imagine a brand like Chanel coming up with a colour like this.
First photo, again natural light followed by one with flash.

The green shade next, number 13, was the one out of all of the polishes I bought today that I would never normally go for. I was in for a nice surprise as it looked lovely with my skin tone, it also applied a bit streakily but I would really love to try this with a matte topcoat to see how it looks and to cover the brushmarks. Photo first natural light, then flash, which shows the shimmer present.

Lastly, the one I was least keen on in the bottle but ironically the one I wanted to try the most was number 23, a sort of light khaki that I could imagine Illamasqua bringing out. Well, I am in love with this, and I will definitely be getting another one as back up. It applied like a dream and was perfect with 3 thin coats, and the colour was just beautiful, so unusual and worked with my skin tone. I really think this colour would suit all tones from the palest to the darkest. It can look grey or green depending on the lighting as shown below.

Removal for all was easy, especially for the creme shades 9 and 23.

So another successful trip to the MUA stand in Superdrug. Whilst I was there and chatting to the lady she pointed out to me the newer (very slightly more expensive at £3) eyeshadow palettes. I had a quick try with the testers and they are very pigmented and come in a range of colours with 4 shades in each small palette, the colours are very nice. As I now have a blog it would be rude of me not to get at least one to try out! 

I will be giving my nails a break for a bit from nail polish and next posts will be on my Sleek Palettes- the new out Nude and the Oh So Special palette , which I've been trying to get for a couple of months but has been sold out. They both sort of accidently fell into my shopping basket.... was only supposed to get nail polish......

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