Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Models Own Pro - Green Envy

Just a quick post today featuring Green Envy from the Models Own Pro range. There are a few nice colours in this range but to be honest not really much better than their regular line of polishes. The biggest difference is that these are free of any nasty chemicals and have Vitamin E and UV filters in, also they are £3 more expensive at £8 a pop. 
(Not quite sure why all of their polishes regardless of range are not free of nasties but there you go, if you do some why not do all of them?)

Green Envy is a lovely blackened dark forest green with tonnes of shimmer (yes it's a bit of a pain to remove but not as bad as some), mainly green but blue and pink thrown in, as you can see in the close up later on in the post.

Models Own Pro - Green Envy

Below is in bright natural light (not sunlight though) and you can see how dark it is, I like dark colours that are nearly black but still have a bit of colour to them just to add interest.

Green Envy in natural light.

This is with flash: you can see the shimmer more clearly.

With flash

Here's a close up in bright sunlight, you can really see how lovely it is with all that shimmer going on and lots of colours.

In bright sunlight.

I'm quite pleased to have this and glad I got it as these are supposed to be limited edition, but to be honest they seem like they've been available in Boots forever.
My other regular Models Own nail polishes that I ordered in the 50% off sale finally arrived, the colours I got were; Feeling Blue, Pastel Pink, Peacock Green, and Green Flash. So expect a post in the near future with those.

And I got a bottle of Nubar Reclaim too which is just gorgeous, I know it's been about for ages but I am so pleased with it! I put one layer over the Revlon Carbonite I had on already and it is so holographic!

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  1. this shade looks lovely ♥
    you have a very beautiful nail shape :)
    usually nail bloggers have extra long nails and i'm not really into that :D

  2. Thanks Kris, I do try to keep them a shorter length, maybe a couple of mm longer than this. I have funny fan shaped nails that are quite flat and have to file them with a curve shape. Squared off nails just make them look worse!

  3. I just got this today, absolutely adore the colour! Did you find yours smells amazing? It reminds me of cabbage patch dolls and slightly vanillary perfume.

    Enjoying reading your blog :)

  4. Hey Annabel, thakyou for reading my blog,much appreciated and glad you like it.

    I'm pretty sure I might have had an earlier batch of Green Envy as there is no smell! I'm looking forward to the Beetlejuice collection, have you seen my post? X