Sunday, September 25, 2011

Models Own nail polish - Magenta Pearl, Green Flash, and Peacock Green

Here are the other three Models Own nail polishes I have, from left to right - Magenta Pearl, Green Flash, and Peacock Green. These all have a shimmer finish to them and are really pretty.

My least favourite of these three is Peacock Green. Don't get me wrong, it's stunning colour but not for my skintone, it would look amazing on pale or darker skin. I think I might do some experimenting with it though, not sure what yet! The following photos are without flash, then with flash and a close up to see the shimmer - this will be the same for all the colours to save me putting captions on!!

Green FLash is just gorgeous, I really like this one, it's like the prettiest gold but a lot more interesting. The finish is similar to Revlon's Gold Coin. Just look at the shimmer in the close up, it looks great under sunlight ( but none to take a picture I'm afraid), and under bright artificial light.

 My favourite ( you can see from the bottle photo a fair bit has gone!) colour I own from Models Own is Magenta Pearl, it's quite girly without being too over the top, not too pink and enough to the purple side to keep me satisfied. I love it in summer on my toes.

 Unlike the pastels in the previous post, these are a bit harder to remove, but not by much, Green Flash being the worst. I did 2 coats of each for the swatches but probably could have done another on the Green Flash as it's much sheerer than the others.


  1. Models Own really do some lovely colours, I think I might have to have a proper look in their Pro section to see if they do these colours as the regular line unlike the Pro ones are not the 3 free formula.

  2. Lovely nails :) I'm having fun reading all of your reviews!
    My favourite out of these is Magenta pearl, which I did consider buying but bought Champagne instead! A bit gutted now as it looks lovely :)
    Kyrie x

  3. Thanks Kyrie, I was looking at champagne, but those sort of colours can look a bit drab on my skin colour. I'd recommend the Magenta Pearl, its actually quite versatile.

  4. Do you have a bottle of Peacock Green polish by Model Own I can buy? If no, where do I buy it? It is such a gorgeous color. I am not sure where you live but I live in Lutz, Florida, USA.