Sunday, September 25, 2011

Models Own nail polish - Feeling Blue, Jade Stone and Pastel Pink.

I thought I'd do two posts about the Models Own nail polishes I own, three are pastels which are in this quick post and three shimmer in the next post. The pastels I have are from left to right in the photo below: Feeling Blue, Jade Stone and Pastel Pink. 

It took three coats of each to get opacity but could have got away with two thicker layers. All were really easy to remove, as you would expect from a creme polish and I didn't bother to do flash and non-flash pictures as they don't really change in the light like a shimmer or duochrome.

Feeling Blue

 My next favourite was Pastel Pink, this picture doesn't really do the colour justice as it was really bright against my olive skin and all I kept thinking about was Barbie! And then I had that awful Barbie song in my head. You know the one I mean.

Pastel Pink

 My favourite of the bunch is Jade Stone, it is a lovely pale minty green, again it looks lovely against my skintone.

Jade Stone

 If you can get hold of these or any Models Own polishes, I would recommend as they apply really well, however are not free of the nasty 3: toluene, DBP or formaldehyde.


  1. Love the jade and the blue one. One of my favorite polishes is Eyeko's Vintage Polish that is a lovely jade color. Unfortunately Eyeko stopped selling polish on their site and I don't know if it's coming back so I'm afraid of using it up.

  2. I love these colours! I still need to try this brand :)
    Lucy x

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